May 18, 2024

Everyone seems to be wearing mood-boosting tie-dye right now so here

Once reserved for secondary school art lessons and devoted DIY’ers, the kaleidoscopic print has been infiltrating its way back to the forefront of our minds for a while. It was showcased by the likes ofPradaandStella McCartneyin their recent collections, andDiorandVersacea couple of seasons back. But our obsession has come to a head during lockdown.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month (or having a digital detox, in which case, you’re excused), you’ll have noticed that our favourite 90s trend, tie-dye, is enjoying something of a renaissance.

So why now? In such unprecedented times, we’re taking comfort in trends which remind us of our childhood. Case in point: the victorious return of beaded jewellery. Secondly?

Tie-dye lends itself so damn well to loungewear, brightening an otherwise boring at-home wardrobe and allowing us to channel our sartorial cravings into something altogether more fun – in lieu of being able to get dressed up and go out.

The fashion pack have been seen donning tie-dye tracksuits, sweatshirts and oversized tees on the reg. , (take a scroll down the Insta-feeds of ASOS Insider Lotte and Aemilia Madden for proof). And in a bid to make money from home, stylist Emma Lane has been flogging sell-out spirit-lifting sweatshirts to her growing pack of eager followers. Each and every one of her drops sells out in minutes.

While you *can* tie dye your clothes yourself at home (incredibly easily, may we add), those whose time is already filled with jigsaw puzzling, wardrobe re-organising, crafting and banana bread baking will be pleased to know there are tonnes of stylish pre-tie-dyed pieces worthy of a space in your wardrobe and available to shop now.

If you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by the rainbow-hues, start small with a tie-dye t-shirt like this one from H&M. Or how about this pair of Free People tie-dye socks? If you’re already on board, you’ll want to invest in this iets frans… tie-dye tracksuit before everyone else does. Race you to the checkout.

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