5 times North West proved she was a star in the making

And it seems that even at the tender age of 6, she’s already cementing her star status. In contrast to what we were all doing at 6-years-old (all My Little Pony stans please stand up), Northie is destined for a life of stardom. Here are 5 reasons why…

As the first-born child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North West was always destined for the spotlight.

When she rapped on stage at her dad’s show

North took to the stage to open Kanye’s surprise Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show on Monday evening. The tiny influencer rapped in front of the huge crowd while models presented the Yeezy Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. North performed over a track created by 5-year-old musician ZaZa, whose parents took to Instagram to complain that she wasn’t credited. Kim later apologised for not crediting the original track, saying that North’s performance was very last minute.

When she screamed her little lungs out in a music video

For the music video of Kanye’s Closed on Sunday, the whole Kardashian clan can be seen doing various odd things in the desert. But it’s little North who steals the show, modelling space buns and a blue hoody, performing her own solo screaming sequence. You need a healthy set of lungs to be a performer, after all.

When she proved she’s got better moves than her mum

Making her TikTok debut earlier this year, North can be seen dancing with her ‘boyfriend’ Caiden Mills, who is the son of rapper Consequence. While Kim famously can’t dance, her daughter can be seen being swung around by her pal, dancing and lip syncing to a remix of Oh Nanana by Brazilian artist Bonde R300. Someone get Craig Revel Horwood on line 1.

When she stole the show(s) at Sunday Service

Ye’s Paris Fashion Week show wasn’t the only time his daughter has followed in his musical footsteps. North has been spotted dancing and singing along to tracks from her dad’s album Jesus is King at various Sunday Services, Kanye’s gospel group.

When she was more fashionable than basically all of us

No surprises that the kid of Kim and Kanye is basically the most fashionable 6-year-old on the planet. Often spotted on the fashion week front rows, we wouldn’t be surprised if North has her own clothing line by the time she’s an adult, particularly as she’s been exposed to the world of fashion since such a young age (remember when she starred in that Fendi campaign, or when she was on the cover of Interview Magazine with her mum?)

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