This is the super simple wellness routine Meghan Markle has been following

Thanks to Hollywood’s mad obsession with being thin and toned at all costs, there’s a huge amount of pressure on the women who choose to be mothers. They’re expected to start working out as soon as possible after giving birth, if that’s what it takes to get back their pre-baby body. It’s outrageous and sinister and sad.

That’s why we are genuinely relieved to hear that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is being kind to herself when it comes to her post-pregnancy workout regime. Apparently the former Suits star and new mama is taking part in a very simple, mercifully forgiving and really rather peaceful wellness routine: just a little yoga with her mama.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Entertainment Tonight that although Meghan loves to stay fit, she’s actually prioritising time with her baby boy, Archie, right now.

“She has been taking it easy,” she said. “And I hear that yoga is very much on her post-birth fitness regime. Nothing too strenuous.”

Meghan’s mother, Doria, is a yoga instructor and apparently she learned to teach post-natal yoga so that she could take Meghan through some soothing moves.

“That’s all Meghan has been doing,” Nicholl said. “And lots of proud walks around Windsor Great Park. So gentle exercise, but no hard training, no weights. She’s apparently not in any hurry to ping back into shape. She’s enjoying this time. She’s being gentle to herself.”

Hopefully, other new mums will take their cue from Meghan and practice patience and compassion towards themselves.

Nicholl continued: “It’s been a natural embracing of motherhood, and with that has come a pretty gentle routine….Meghan hasn’t been hitting the gym. She hasn’t been in any hurry to get back in shape. It’s only four weeks really since the birth and she’s been taking that exercise regime very gently indeed.”

We’re truly very pleased to hear it. We were impressed when Meghan decided not to appear for a photoshoot on the hospital steps in full makeup hours after the birth of her first child – and we’re impressed again, with her realistic and gentle approach to the baby-body workout pressure.

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