Jen and Reese Ran Out of Water at the Globes

Of all the big moments to come out of this year’s Golden Globes ceremony, it wasn’t an acceptance speech or shocking win that captured everyone’s attention. Instead, it was the sneaky surprise arrival of one Beyoncé Knowles and her husband JAY-Z, who also happened to bring their own bottles of Armand de Brignac Champagne to the show. The couple sat a table away from Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, and when the Morning Show stars ran out of water, Reese did what anyone would do and went over to Bey and Jay to ask for a glass of bubbly to drink instead. Jennifer shared the moment on her Instagram Stories on Sunday night, writing, “Reese?! This is one of the many reasons why I love you.” She also posted a snap of herself sipping on the blessed beverage.

Reese and Jen weren’t the only stars touched by Beyoncé’s presence at the Globes. Kate McKinnon, who presented Ellen DeGeneres with the Carol Burnett Award, also opened up about being seated at a table with “the King and Queen of America” when she stopped by Ellen’s show on Monday. The Saturday Night Live star said she “blew it” when trying to communicate with the couple. Maybe she should have asked for a glass of Champagne?

Otis, Eric, and Maeve Are Back For a Hilariously Messy Season 2 of Sex Education

Life is messy, but especially so when you’re coming to terms with your sexuality while running a sex clinic for your classmates. The first season of Netflix’s Sex Education introduced fans to a group of English teenagers, led by mild-mannered virgin Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), his vivacious best friend Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa), and misunderstood bad girl Maeve (Emma Mackey), who are just trying to get through the trials and tribulations of romance in high school. And from the looks of the first trailer of season two, things are only going to get more complicated.

Sure, it looks like Otis is now happily dating Ola (Patricia Allison), but things won’t be smooth sailing for long thanks to their parents also happily dating. It’s Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier in Drive Me Crazy all over again but way more R-rated. Then there’s Eric, who seems to have found himself a (seriously) adorable love interest of his own; but can he truly move on after hooking up with Adam (Connor Swindells) last season? And don’t even get us started on Meave’s family drama!

We’ll have to wait until season two premieres to figure out exactly where all of this is going, so prepare for the ultimate marathon when Sex Education returns on Jan. 17.

Get Your Heart Rate Down in Style With This Light Fitness Marshall Dance Routine

If your workout is the meat of a sandwich, cooling down is that second slice of bread that completes the turkey on rye (or whatever you’re having). A cooldown is needed to lower your heart rate and help prevent injury. James Shapiro, NASM-certified personal trainer and owner of Primal Power Fitness, told POPSUGAR in a past interview that inefficiently recovering from exercise “can lead to muscle imbalances, which over time can hinder your mobility.” That’s why we were super excited when one of our favorite dance-cardio-like-you-mean-it YouTube channels, The Fitness Marshall, came out with a cooldown workout as its first video of 2020.

The short session, only 2:45 minutes long, is set to Tinashe’s “Save Room For Us.” Typically, The Fitness Marshall posts fast-paced, follow-along dance routines – there was this recent “Faith” workout, quite a few set to Lizzo songs, and another set to Mabel’s breakup anthem – but this one is slower than usual, steady, and smile-worthy (these videos always make me smile). It calls for jazz squares, body rolls, and freestyle poses. Give it a try anytime after the bulk of your HIIT, treadmill, or any other workout when you want to ease your way into a stretching or foam-rolling sequence.

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