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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and gourmet chocolate boxes have begun taking over drugstore aisles like clockwork. Similarly, fashion retailers mark the holiday with glitzy jewelry and garments in shades of pink and red. It’s definitely a time for showing love – with actions, words, and, inevitably, gifts.

No matter who’s on your list this year, Banana Republic has pretty surprises for every person and price point. If you spot something you love, slip a not-so-subtle hint to your SO by texting them a link to this post, or grab it for your loved ones or yourself. (Hint: there are definitely some pieces you’ll want to consider wearing on Valentine’s Day, so start planning ahead!)

To see the pieces in all of their glory, just keep scrolling – with heart-shaped earrings, gorgeous dresses, and bags worth showing off, you won’t be disappointed.

Urban Outfitters’ Adorable Bubble Tea AirPod Cases Are Almost Cute Enough to Eat

Pretty much anyone who owns a pair of wireless earbuds knows the moment of panic that sets in when you forget where you’ve put them and immediately assume they’ve fallen into a black hole. But life might have just gotten a whole lot easier (and cuter) thanks to these AirPod cases from Urban Outfitters. Sweet and practical, each case – available for $10 to $20 – features a food- or animal-themed design to fit multiple moods and prevents you from losing you earbuds.

Some of our favorite designs include a smiling peach, a cup of bubble tea, a bottle of hot sauce, a dumpling, a koala, a bear, a crocheted cat, a sloth, and more. So please, excuse us while we add each adorable case to our carts.

For anyone looking to coordinate their AirPods with their everyday outfits, Urban Outfitters also offers a few cases in stylish prints, including florals, pearls, geometric shapes, neon colors, and more. So, apart from keeping your AirPods safe, each case also has the added benefit of acting as a unique accessory to your OOTD. Keep scrolling to shop each of the supercute AirPod accessories for yourself ahead.

The 16 Coolest New Beauty Gadgets of 2020 Will Totally Alter Your Everyday Routine

Hey, we’re all busy. So if there are tools that can make our daily lives a little easier, we’re all in, especially when it comes to beauty. Whether you need a little help with skin care, applying makeup, or hairstyling, brands are inventing brilliant gadgets that can make your beauty routine a million times easier.

This is the year your life is going to become simpler and more efficient. From a blow-drying brush to a pocket-size hair remover, these inventions will blow your mind. Check out these hot new releases, and invest in a few for yourself.

Exclusive: Hasbro Is Dropping a Party Game Inspired by To All the Boys I Loved Before!

Feeling overwhelmed with excitement for To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You to hit Netflix on Feb. 12? Ugh, same here, and now we have another reason to be psyched: Hasbro teamed up with Netflix to create a party game inspired by the highly anticipated To All the Boys I Loved Before sequel! POPSUGAR has the exclusive scoop on the upcoming release, and it sounds like a must-have addition for any sleepover or get-together with your friends.

Here’s how the game works. Anywhere from two to four people can play, and each person draws three different types of cards: Would You Rather, The Truth Hurts, and Return to Sender. players secretly jot down their responses on pieces of note paper and place them in Lara Jean’s Box of Secrets. As Hasbro’s official description reads, “Throughout the game, secrets will be revealed and players will have to make humorous (but difficult) choices about other players to collect personality tokens.” Inspired by different personality traits, these tokens are key, seeing as whoever collects six of ’em first wins the game and gets to take a quiz to see which movie character they most closely resemble IRL.

You can now pre-order Hasbro’s To All the Boys I Loved Before party game for $20 on Amazon, and it’ll officially be available for purchase on Feb. 14. Assemble your squad and get ready to play!

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