Errors in manicure, which deprive you of beautiful and healthy nails

A woman with a salt bath and a bottle of nail polish – for men the creature is incomprehensible: they do not understand how you can devote so much time to small horny formations on the fingers.

But women do not give up: with the advent of new technologies, the budget for nails can even exceed the budget for a haircut. Meanwhile, there are habits that do not help the beauty of nails, but destroy it.

What we do is wrong in manicure, the correspondent of SHE.

Mistake 1: aggressive cutting of the cuticle

Terrible tweezers and shiny scissors – without them it is difficult to imagine a home manicure. How else to get rid of irritating skin strips in the base of the nails? According to Zhanna Muratova, the head of the educational department of Olehauz, the aggression of metal to the scrap of leather is most often the fault of domestic craftsmen: “If we pass through a white hole with a metal device, then we work on the matrix of the nail, every time it is squeezed more and more. This can lead to the fact that the nail generally ceases to grow or mechanical deformations are formed, which can not be corrected any more. ”

Decision:Master Marina Busova from the salon “Manicure Express” recommends: if you have already begun to cut the cuticle – it grows quite quickly, it generates a vicious circle. From it it is necessary to leave gradually – to cut off only the edge of the cuticle, gradually turning to special means for softening and removing the cuticle.

“Home manicure is hygienic care, and tweezers are not implied in it,” says Irina Kochergina, director of the Stylish salon. Tweezers need to be replaced with a wooden stick for manicure: it’s enough.

Mistake 2: manicure without preparation

No wooden spatula, however, can cope if you are trying to fight with a coarsened, inflamed or dry cuticle. In such cases, we are used to soaking the nails. However, after a long lying in the bath, the manicure is unlikely to work either: the skin is overheated and you will cut more than you need. In addition, it is not always clear how to combine the cutting of the skin and shaping the nail with a wet bath.

Solution: How strongly to soak the cuticle, depends on its condition, experts say. If it is dry and rough, then it is not forbidden to lie in the water with nails. If the skin is red and inflamed, it is better to use not water, but a special manicure lotion (for therapeutic manicure) or altogether – warm oil. With regard to sawing, the golden rule of manicure masters is this: we cut in raw – we saw on dry land. The only exception: if you do not want the nail to be dusted, oil the tip with oil, using a saw blade.

Error 3: incorrect sawing

To shape the nail is the most important thing to do after we have figured out its base. Scissors and a metal nail file are often used for this. And then the masters are adamant: they can not cut their nails, they say, only children’s nails with a lot of moisture can cope with the cut. In adults, the nails are dry, and the scissors split the plate, and therefore only the saw is suitable. But not from metal: he also cuts off his nails.

Decision:We buy a nail file not at random and not of a favorite color, but in science: “The problem of plying nails is often associated with the fact that the files are rough and tough. For natural nails, abrasiveness should be around 240 units, and 180 is suitable only for artificial nails, “says Marina Busova. Indicator 1200 is already a sawing-polishing, by the way, it is possible to use such saws not more often than once a month.

Fine crystal files are good – they “sealed” the edge of the nail. But any of the saws need to work in one direction – otherwise the nail will separate. 

Error 4: common tool

In the salons we meticulously check the cabinet for tools, and at home we often use only scissors at all and carelessly store them in the drawer of the desktop. AIDS at home you will not get infected, but to get any fungal or bacterial infection, panaritium or severe purulent lesions of the nail bed can be easily confirmed by the Department of Dermatology of the Road Hospital Julia Chirkova.

Solution: Give your relatives personal tools that the husband could proudly cut his toenails with his own manicure. And do not neglect disinfection: tools should be treated with boric alcohol or a special disinfectant before each use.

Mistake 5: constantly painted nails

We should look great to the tips of our nails and can not afford to go out without make-up, even on our nails. The bottom line: nails are constantly under a layer of chemical biomass called lacquer. Well, if it’s professional tools, but even they carry a decorative function, not a favor. “Even with the use of the base, the bright lacquer pigment penetrates the nail, and it turns yellow,” recalls the manicurist Marina Busova.

Decision:Once a month for a few days, release the nails from the cover, replacing it with salt baths and a massage with oil, recommends Julia Chirkova, – the nail will grow in a week and be saturated with oxygen, give him some will. But only if you understand under the will full absence of care and freedom from glassware gloves, it is better to hide the nails under the base. After all, the most important betrayal in relation to the hands is an attempt to combine washing and cleaning with manicure.

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