February 23, 2024

Erotic massage is necessary for a man to relax, and for a woman to intensify excitement

After living with a man for a while, did you understand that the relationship requires recharge? Or, on the contrary, are you just going to move on to a closer acquaintance?

Knowing about the magic power of touch and learning the art of erotic massage, you can easily slip warm hands to build relationships. Learn to dissolve in the pleasure and melt with the bliss of the partner – in the simple affair of stroking is a lot of important. The secrets of erotic massage were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

In the East, they know good things in affectionate touch. Thus, the ancient Chinese knew how to prolong the duration of a love act by stimulating certain points on the body of a man.

In the Kamasutra classification of the types of biting and tingling of the body of a loved one, there is more than one page.

Erotic massage is necessary for a man to relax, and for a woman to intensify excitement

Magic points

There is an opinion that massage is a woman’s whim, men need only “main course”, and it is very desirable for them to pass the preparatory stage. In fact, everything is a little different. “Erotic massage is necessary for both – as a sign of attention and for additional stimulation. The difference is in the nuances.

A woman first of all massage is needed to intensify excitement. The man is such a massage primarily perceives as relaxing. Entering into sexual relations, it is he who should be relaxed, calm and confident, especially when the woman is already fully brought and ready to climb onto the wall from excitement, “says sexologist Igor Poperechny.

This confirms the thesis that the action should start when the ratio of excitement is 30 to 70. After all, a woman is usually harder to reach orgasm than a man.

By the way about excitement. Everyone who is familiar with anatomy knows where to click, so that it’s nice. The list of erogenous zones is known: the zone between the shoulder blades, neck, neck, ear lobes, nipples, buttocks, popliteal fossa, inner thigh. However, today, sexologists are increasingly advised not to focus on the exact topography of the “fire points”, because in fact the entire human body is one continuous erogenous zone. And if you know about the existence of any particular, it only says that you paid attention to it. And with due diligence in the study of the body, you can achieve significant success in expanding the geography of pleasure.

Erotic massage is necessary for a man to relax, and for a woman to intensify excitement

Body technique

How to massage? Perhaps you have already come across this issue, in perplexity dripping massage oil on the back of a loved one. Today, there are a lot of benefits in this regard – even in the visual format of the training videos. But the question “how? ” Is not the main one: “It is not the technique, but the inner spirit that is important. And the main thing here is not the sequence of techniques, but some kind of spontaneity and creativity, “says the presenter of the training” Tantra in Modernity “Petr Ostrikov. The concentration of attention on the partner and slow movements is what is most important in erotic massage.

The art of touching is the first and most important thing that you will have to learn. “Loving eyes and touch – that’s what you can say without words about the attitude of a person to you,” says Igor Poperechny. –

The touch should be barely perceptible, when under each fingertips each hair is felt, and the skin becomes creepy even from one imagination of this touch. It is such touching that can produce an excellent result. ”

Slowly and gently

Usually the massage is started when the partner is lying on his stomach. You can start from anywhere, but it’s important to remember the rule: every touch should resonate in your soul and hordes of creeps on the partner’s back. The back is usually enveloped by stroking – longitudinal and circular. Do not, however, confuse them with a manual massage with the use of force. Gradually moving forward to the loin, you can increase the pressure – many like active activities in this area. Passing gradually to the hands and feet, apply the method of rhythmic cross stroking. The magic sensation is bestowed by the reception of “nettles”, familiar to us from childhood, but in a much more gentle version.

Pay special attention to the areas under the knees and the inner surface of the elbow fold – these are areas with a secret that can cause alternately pain, tickling, or carry heavenly bliss to heaven, they are recommended to find the right approach. When you descend below, pay attention to the footsteps. Their kneading is a trouble-free exciting device for both women and men. True, we will again have to find a balance so that a friend does not die from tickling.

Erotic massage is necessary for a man to relax, and for a woman to intensify excitement

Stroking the upper back and neck – a universal relaxing remedy – just like running your fingers deep into the head of your beloved. Here only there can be a discomfiture: the man instead of beginning to act actively, will start peacefully snoring at your fingertips.

“Very often after a relaxing massage, a man is difficult to assemble, he is in the state of a child, who is stroked on the head. And here his ability to “switch” to an adult is very important, realizing that touching is a signal to actively continue the action and that before him is not a mother, but a woman with whom you can have sex, “says Igor Poperechny.

By the way, the concept of erotic massage does not include active touching the sexual organs of a partner (of course, until the massage has passed into sex). Some even recommend a massage in light clothing. It brings a sense of intrigue “and will there be a continuation? ” And leads even well-studied partners.

The question of the need to create a romantic atmosphere, the attributes of which are roses, candles and bubbles of champagne, remains very controversial. Someone sincerely wonder how you can call erotic massage without candles, other similar stereotypes are annoying. In one thing, everyone agrees: if the couple has reached an event called erotic massage, they can agree.

Much more important is different: do partners want to touch each other in general. The question is not idle. Igor Poperechnyi notes a clear pattern in his practice: if partners do not touch each other in everyday situations, they have very bad relationships. The desire to touch the furtive neck, ear or finger of a loved one says only one thing – you want this man. Accordingly, the converse is also true. And the ability to maintain a constant level of intimacy in relationships is not reduced to silk sheets and rose petals in champagne. Another thing is that the art of such a simple, but much needed touch sometimes has to learn.

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