I’ll never shop anywhere else for my wardrobe basics

The fashion world has been buzzing with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while now. That is, a streamlined collection of clothes which all match each other and create all manner of outfits.

But since we’re all so eco-conscious and sensible with our shopping choices, we’ve never been more obsessed than now. Influencer-extraordinaire Anna Newton has written an entire book about the concept, for god’s sake.

Times and trends might have changed since we first got on board with the idea, but the bulk of a capsule wardrobe remains the same: you need at least half of your collection to be made up of the best quality basics. We’re talking white t-shirts, black crew neck jumpers and on-trend jeans.

For a while, we bought our basics for next to nothing. The only problem with that? They lasted approximately three washes. If that. The hunt was on to find some great staples which lasted for longer. Why else do you think everyone went wild for the likes of Arket and Weekday?

As if by fate, I stumbled across Everlane, the ethically-conscious fashion brand which was founded in America back in 2020. Since then, it has gradually become more and more loved by fashion editors, influencers and serial shoppers.

Their entire offering is made up of basic, modern essentials. In excellent quality. Whether that be a beautiful trench coat, a timeless pair of black loafers or the humble white tee. Think Scandi-inspired, minimalistic pieces which are the basis for any outfit.

Everlane have released endless “it” pieces over the years which have racked up waitlists longer than anyone could anticipate. Take their Japanese denim jeans, for example, which had a waitlist of more than 45,000 people. Then came the classic “Day Heel” (we’ve included a pair in our edit below because, well, duh) which sold out within one day and racked up an impressive 15,000 person-long waitlist. You can’t write this stuff.

Amongst the brand’s other bestsellers are their trainers, their cashmere t-shirts and their straight leg cropped jeans. They’ve also recently dropped an activewear line which contains some of the comfiest yoga leggings to ever grace our legs. Thank us from your downward dog.

Join the fashion editors of the world and buy these best-selling Everlane pieces before everyone else does.

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