Chris Hemsworth’s Trainer Challenged Him to the “Devil’s Workout”

The whole time Luke is one move behind Chris, trying to catch him and pushing him to go faster, which is a quality workout buddy move if we’ve ever seen one. “Five more rounds! It burns, doesn’t it?” Chris says at the end, while Luke stumbles off to collapse on the ground.

Hey, did you know Chris Hemsworth is really strong? Did you want a reminder? Chris gifted Instagram today with a workout video worthy of the god-slash-superhero that he played in the movies. This is rarer than it probably sounds; despite his famous muscles and the fitness and health program, Centr, that he curates, Chris doesn’t actually share a whole lot of on social media.

Which is fine – it’s fine – because his sense of humor, career, adorable family, and iconically Australian exploits keep followers more than satisfied. (Throwback to the time this man .) But on the occasions the God of Thunder does post a workout, well.

The internet pays attention.”This is the devil’s workout,” says Chris’ trainer and Centr fitness expert, , and we’re inclined to believe him. Six exercises, six reps of each, for six rounds (six-six-six. .. we see you) and these moves aren’t just, like, burpees.

Which would be hard enough! No, Chris gets things started with a barbell to to. Then it’s on to an inclined pull-up. Then a with another overhead press. Some kind of resistance band upper-body move while balancing on a Bosu ball. You guys, I’m making these names up right now because I’ve never even seen them before.

We’ll take his word for it. After a circuit like this, chucking around is probably a freakin’ breeze.

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