February 21, 2024

Equalizing teeth requires a lot of investment and careful care

Hollywood smile today is not only (and not so much) a dazzling snow-white grin, but also beautiful teeth that line up in an ideal row, and do not creep on each other. Modern orthodontics – the science of flat teeth – truly works wonders.

This ten years ago bulky metal braces were the only thing for those suffering to get a beautiful smile, today you can return your teeth to their correct position almost unnoticeably and comfortably.

The answers to the main questions about bite correction were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

What is the cause of the curvature of the teeth?

Jaw bones are not developed enough, and due to the weak load, the grown teeth becomes cramped. It also happens that a person grows less teeth than is conceived by nature, then there are gaps and gaps. In adulthood problems can arise after removal: the integrity of the dentition is lost and there are empty spaces, which leads to the progress of the entire series.

Can I straighten my teeth if a person does not complex about this?

There is a version that if a person is comfortable, you can live with crooked teeth. According to doctors, this is not so.

Bite diseases provoke the development of caries due to the impossibility of adequate hygiene, aggravate the course of gum disease, lead to rapid abrasion of the teeth, complicate prosthetics and may even lead to digestive problems.

Equalizing teeth requires a lot of investment and careful care

In addition, the aesthetic moment for many today is becoming more relevant: beautiful teeth – a sign of success and health.

What braces to choose?

Classic braces are miniature metal locks that are glued to the teeth and fixed by an arc that moves to a once given, correct shape and straightens the teeth. This system has been tested for years and proved to be effective. However, if you are not a teenager, it becomes increasingly difficult to decide on a bunch of metal in your mouth.

The progress in orthodontics made it possible to solve this problem: Tatyana Romanova, an orthodontist at the Dental-Service clinic, told us that modern braces are divided according to the type of material (plastic, ceramic, sapphire), according to the mechanism of action (classical and ligature-free), cavity location mouth (lingual and vestibular).

• Aesthetic ceramic and sapphire braces are absolutely transparent. Such a system is almost invisible: no heavy structures, only a thin metal arc, on top of which, in addition, there can be a light Teflon coating. Plastic bracket systems are also transparent, cheaper than ceramic ones, but doctors are not loved: “They look good the first 4-6 months, after that they become sloppy because of the penetration of food colors,” explains Tatyana Romanova.

• Non-ligating braces – a new word in orthodontics. If the classic braces are attached to the arc with the help of special mechanisms – ligatures, then thanks to the technology of self-ligating the arc freely slides inside the bracket. This increases the effectiveness of treatment and allows you to rarely see a doctor.

In addition, such bracket systems are more compact than conventional ones and are suitable for a larger range of patients:

“If you move away from aesthetics, self-ligating braces are suitable even for clients with problem gums and denudation of the tooth: there is no strong tightening, which worsens the blood supply to the tooth,” comments Ekaterina Shamsutdinova , orthodontist of the clinic “Shine on Soviet, 64”.

• Lingual braces are not visible at all: they are glued to the inner surface of the teeth. However, they are very labor-intensive in manufacturing, they can disrupt diction and are expensive. Popular in our city, according to the unanimity of doctors, do not use.
• For business and employees today there is another option for correcting teeth – silicone braces. They are made by an exact cast of the jaw and represent a transparent cover for the teeth. It should be worn constantly, taking off only for eating and cleaning your teeth.

This option is only for very disciplined and patient patients, and is also very expensive.

The cost of braces in the clinics of the city varies on average from 6 to 17 thousand rubles for materials per jaw. Non-ligand systems are more expensive, but only the doctor will calculate the exact cost – there are too many treatment options today. The first serious investment is the payment of materials. The second – the cost of treatment (an average of 40-60 thousand rubles for the entire period), is usually paid gradually.

Sapphire braces – 12 thousand rubles for one jaw (clinic “Smile”)
Manufacturing of lingual braces under the order – about 80 thousand rubles. (Dental Clinic No. 6)
Kappa Invisalign. Diagnosis of occlusion – 20 thousand. Manufacture of caps: 45-60 thousand rubles (clinic “Dental-Service”)

Is it true that with orthodontic treatment requires the removal of teeth? Is it possible to put braces if teeth are fitted with crowns?

More recently, orthodontic treatment quite often required the removal of teeth. Modern methods are much more sparing and allow in most cases to do without it. If dental treatment (including prosthetics) is required, it is recommended to perform it before orthodontic manipulation. If the patient already has single crowns, this is not critical: the braces are glued directly to them. Disadvantages, according to doctors, cause only the established bridges: in this case, the orthodontic design simply bypasses them.

How long does it take to wear the system? Is it true that the braces worsen the condition of the teeth?

Usually the period of wearing is about two years, in individual cases, there are options – from one to three. Proper hygiene during this period is indeed a great challenge. Ekaterina Shamsutdinova notes that the braces themselves do not provoke the development of caries, it provokes plaque, but to remove it becomes very problematic. A special V-shaped brush, a floss for teeth, a brush for interdental spaces, as far as possible an irrigator for the oral cavity and professional cleaning of teeth once a quarter will not be a whim, but an urgent necessity. Unfortunately, miracles do not happen, and the bracket system imposes a lot of new obligations on the owner.

Is the result of wearing braces for life or does it require correction over time?

Wearing braces puts your teeth in the right position. However, by the end of treatment they remain mobile, therefore, fixing structures are necessary: ​​a removable plate or a non-removable retina that is installed on the back of the teeth and fixes the correct position. The term of his wearing is comparable with the treatment itself, and in some cases, according to the recognition of Catherine Alexandrovna, it is recommended to wear it for life in order to avoid relapses.

So once you have braces installed, you do not get rid of all the problems at once, but you get an effective tool for a beautiful smile that will take care of you and strict self-control for a long time. However, in the matter of finding beauty without it, nowhere.

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