Entertaining bridezilla stories that’ll make you think twice about tying the knot 15

Bride was blonde. All bridesmaids except for me were brunette. She asked me to dye my hair brown for the wedding because she, “wanted to be the only blonde.”

The dye job

I suggested that instead I just give up my bridesmaid spot. Thankful to this day since I heard the dresses and bachelorette party cost all the other girls more money than I make in a month. -kmmurky

Sorry for your scary pregnancy, but…

I was almost in a bridezilla wedding… I had an ectopic pregnancy (baby attached to my tube, which then burst, and I almost bleed to death).. She got engaged shortly following my ectopic. When she asked me to be her bridesmaid, she told me that I would be required to wait to try to have another baby until after her wedding in 1.5 years… Not because there would be a small child at the wedding, not even because she didn’t want me fat at her wedding… But because if I lost another child, it would take away from her engagement and wedding. I was so shocked I just declined and have never spoken to her since. -MommaBearJam

How dare your father die

My dad had the audacity to die six weeks before the wedding, and she couldn’t understand why that superseded her wedding details for me. I met my husband at her wedding, haven’t spoken to her since. – J-squire

How dare my father die

This was my sister’s wedding, so hold on tight. My sister had 10 bridesmaids. Most of them were her sorority sisters from college. They wanted to plan an elaborate weekend for the summer, while most of them were still in school without jobs. When I asked “Hey, who will pay for this?” my sister got pissed that I even asked. When I also reminded all the bridesmaids that our father who had stage-4 cancer wasn’t doing so well and that maybe the bachelorette/bridal shower should be close by, they all flipped thinking I was being insensitive to the bride.

I was promptly asked not to be a bridesmaid to my own sister’s wedding over these two things. I was fine with this as she was a bridezilla and I spent time with our dying father. He died two weeks after her wedding day, which he couldn’t attend because he was in hospice care one day before her wedding. To me, she put herself before our ailing father, and it still makes me mad. – SashWhitGrabby

The sanctity of bridesmaid dress shopping cannot be violated

Bridesmaid to a bridezilla here. The bride spent a lot of time crying and carrying on whenever she didn’t get her way because “it was her wedding and we should all do exactly what she wanted.” Which is not to say we didn’t, we sure did. She wanted everyone to justify her irrational and horrible behavior because it was all about her. She didn’t enjoy it much when I told her she was wrong for kicking someone out of her bridal party, terminating the friendship, and pitching a fit because a girl couldn’t make bridesmaid dress-shopping because she was sick and had to go to the hospital.

This is also coming from the same woman who got angry and didn’t speak to me for months because I didn’t come see her to congratulate her on her pregnancy when I was home on furlough for a week at Christmas. – caryatidonvacation

Frugality schmugality

It was a best friend of mine who was very frugal, so I figured she was going to have a reasonable wedding and bachelorette party. I had shared my monetary concerns with her too, that I worked and went to school and couldn’t take off much time. She didn’t have that many friends so it was only me and one other girl as bridesmaids. She asked us to hand-make ALL her decorations for the wedding (I put in 15 hours a week hand-making decorations, all outside of working and going to school full-time).

Then she planned a week-long bachelorette party out of town, also asking us to foot the bill, not to mention our dresses, which I wanted to find something affordable (but she picked designer matching dresses that we had to pay for…never worn it again, been trying to sell it online).

I spent nearly 1k on the whole ordeal, not to mention I did her hair and makeup for free for the wedding. I just felt largely taken advantage of and unappreciated. We are no longer friends because we ended up working together (after the wedding) and she tried to screw me over at work. It all makes me very reluctant to agree to be in someone’s wedding again, even someone I thought would be considerate of everyone else’s budget and time. – SpectralShifter

Ruining a bunch of relationships for $1,500

The short story is that she lied.

She lied to the venue about the number of guests that were attending. Effectively packing us like sardines.

She lied about having a “day-of” staff. That meant that all the dates of the bridesmaids spent the day hanging flowers, running to get kegs and waters, pouring the champagne for guests, setting up the entire venue the day before.

She lied to the hair and makeup personnel about the number of people who were obtaining services in order to get them to come to the site. This forced guests to get hair and makeup done in order for “the bride not to have to be charged extra.”

She lied to the catering about the number of guests, this caused them to run out of food and alcohol.

All in all, I think her lies saved her $1500, but cost her close friendships, as her attitude toward the whole situation was indignation instead of being apologetic. – yelloworchid

All these sick dads, what gives?

Not a bridesmaid, but my mom was a wedding photographer for many years. Long story short, the father of the bride had a heart attack and as he was being carried out on the stretcher the sobbing bride yells, “How could you ruin my wedding like this?!!!?”- remberzz

Too big for the bridesmaid dresses

I didn’t make it to the wedding. I was best friends with the woman, literally we did everything together. She assembled her wedding party and didn’t invite me. She threw me my bachelorette, witnessed my marriage, etc. I found out later I wasn’t invited because I was overweight and her mother thought that would limit bridesmaid dress choices and throw the wedding photos ‘off.’ At least I know dodged a bullet. – volcanicpale

Nothing a little blow won’t fix

Bride had two weddings. Pretty different financial backgrounds between us and I was a friend of the groom’s that became a friend during their engagement. She had one wedding in the local state she grew up and one destination wedding a month later. She couldn’t decide which dress to get, so she bought three. I was maid of honor at the local event and supposed to be in the destination wedding. Had to overdraw my bank account to attend and cover expenses so I was really a bit in awe at all the extravagances. It was a 3-hour ceremony with two venue changes “I want what I want!”and “it’s my day!” “I have people for that!” Still ringing in my ears just thinking of it. She spent 60k in credit card debt on her perfect day(s) which she told me the day before she had not told the groom. The best part was when she was in her second wedding dress change, she started to scream about how things weren’t exactly what she wanted.

Standing there half-dressed and drunk yelling about how the cake wasn’t perfect (3k cake that was transported from another state was slightly smushed on the back side from hours of travel). The whole bridal party was just standing there in the hallway waiting to take pictures. I told her to shut up, said I wasn’t going to come to wedding in Ireland, reminded her that her hundreds of guests could hear her being drunk, and fixed her bustle. She was such a little tantrum throwing turd.

At the end of the Irish dancing groups, the toasts, and her wedding dance (that was choreographed) her PAID wedding planner offered to give me cocaine for putting up with such a spoiled brat. The lady did it loudly in front the an aunt who later told the bride. Yeah, it sucked. She is a great girl too, just a terrible bride and drunk. – gigatroness

Multi-level marketing scheme

Friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her shotgun wedding that was to take place in a little over a month. She has us order semi-expensive dresses and they HAD to be altered to a certain length. Shoes had to be ordered. Toenails had to be painted neutral color and fingernails had to be French manicured. We weren’t allowed to paint our own nails – we HAD to get them done at a salon. Hair HAD to be done professionally by her hairstylist. And we were not, under any circumstance, to have bikini tan lines visible. Mind you, this was right after summer. I lived in an area where beach attire was usually the only attire and everyone had visible tan lines.

I eventually had to tell her that I could not afford to have everything done professionally with such short notice. I would be happy to do my hair and makeup. My hair was so short I couldn’t do an updo. She told me her mom could pay and then I could pay her back. That was the final straw.

I sent an email to her telling her I could no longer be in her wedding. She was pregnant, about to get hitched, and now I was adding to her list of problems. I valued the friendship and told her such, but just couldn’t do what she was asking.

I hadn’t heard from her for YEARS. Until one day she sent me a message, asking for me to buy from her multilevel marketing campaign. – killrtofujalapenobiz

This astute observation

Not a bridezilla story, but I was in three weddings in the span of one year and one interesting thing I noticed was that there is always one bridesmaid that the bride stops being friends with after the wedding. You can start to see which bridesmaid it’s gonna be about halfway through the engagement. – AntiRaz

Bipolar mom bridezilla

My mom was the bride, she didn’t have bridesmaids but I (her daughter) was going to walk her down the aisle.

I’ve had purple or blue hair for quite some time, and I checked almost a year in advance with my mom that it would be okay for my hair to be blue for the wedding. Checked again every few months, every time I was told to stop insinuating that she was a bridezilla, of course my hair was fine.

Two weeks before the wedding, my own mother threatened to disinvite me from the wedding if I didn’t fix my hair. So I went and got it done, came home and my mother told me I was shallow for changing my hair to keep up appearances. Sigh. Getting it re-dyed back to blonde cost me over $300.
– gateauxes

The Best Lady

I was the maid of honor. I helped plan the whole wedding, I went to all the awkward parties with family members I had never met. I was close with the bride and groom, not their families. The whole time we were planning she kept talking about being a bridezilla like it was an inevitable phase she would go through.

Great work all the way to the end. She suddenly decided that her sister needs to be the only one involved, but I can still be the maid of honor. She calls me the day of the bridal shower and asks why I wasn’t there and insists she told me the date. She hadn’t. She fires me on the spot and I don’t talk to her again until a few days before the wedding.

She tells me that I can still come but she had asked one of her husband’s ex-girlfriends, someone she didn’t know to be her new maid of honor. Day before the wedding she asks me to be the usher. Says I can show people to their seats, the gift table, the bathroom. I didn’t attend the wedding.

This last year I was my friend’s “Best Lady” which means I stood on the man’s side. Everyone helped set the wedding up, it was a blast. I declared myself his shield maiden and spent the entire time protecting him from everything, even a few birds in a bush. – MarliePaws

Let’s snap photos in 10-degree weather

I was in a wedding where the bride planned two separate bachelorette weekends for herself and got mad at anyone who couldn’t/wouldn’t spend two 3-day weekends at ~$500/each away from their husbands/kids/jobs.

The week leading up to the wedding, the temp for the big day was forecast to be a high of 10*F (February wedding, NE U.S.). The bride was insisting on outdoor photos without coats “because we can’t hide the dresses!” Everyone, including the photographer, tells her hell no. Day of she pitches a fit when we refused to do more than one quick photo.

Afterward, she stopped talking to 75 percent of the bridal party because of their refusal to accommodate her outrageous demands. To this day, years later, she still complains about how her bridesmaids ruined her wedding. – Hexagogo

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