Manicures for mental health? We’re VERY into this new campaign

If you find yourself guilty of any one of the above, you’re not alone. According to research by beauty treatment booking website Treatwell, 63% of people said they felt obliged to make conversation during a manicure appointment, with 74% of people saying they struggle to fit in time for self-care.

What do you do while you’re getting a manicure? Do you make forced conversation with your manicurist or unintentionally tune into the in-salon entertainment (i.e. day-time reality TV)? Do you try to use your phone only to give up at first smudge, or you sit and stare into the abyss (while hoping your manicurist doesn’t try to make conversation)?

And so, for the month of October, Treatwell has partnered up with 100 salons nationwide to launch their Mindful Mani campaign, which helps to reclaim the time for you. “Insight from our customers was the starting point of our Mindful Mani campaign,” explains Treatwell’s internal Mindfulness Ambassador, Leanne Evans.

“We’re encouraging them to take back that one hour, where they can unplug from everyday problems and worries and take back time for themselves free of judgement and in a respectful way, without fear of impoliteness. Treatwell carves out some quality time in between one commitment and another or during your lunch break, the Mindful Mani is just so easy and fast; just a few clicks to choose the perfect treatment and face the day feeling revitalised and refreshed.”

Rather than feeling nervous to put on headphones during your treatment for fear of offending your manicurist, you are encouraged to switch off and tune in to one of Treatwell’s mood-enhancing playlists, or else listen to an uplifting podcast.

The campaign has been designed with the expert input of registered psychologist Suzy Reading, who also advocates small acts of mindfulness for cumulative benefits to overall mental health. “It is lovely to take a whole hour out of our day but we can experience great benefits from as little as a minute,” she says. Time to book that mani…

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