Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have made

It’s a given that every girl has, at some point, owned a denim shirt; it’s been a solid staple in our wardrobes for years. However, this Autumn/Winter there’s a new shirt elbowing denim off the rails.

The temperature has plummeted this week, but this weather not only brings in a flurry of sniffly noses and ice-cold toes but a whole new wardrobe of winter apparel.

As well as a denim shirt, we all probably own something leather (faux hopefully!), whether that’s boots, trousers or the classic leather jacket. This season, the infatuation with leather-looks has presented us with the leather shirt.

Shopping app LIKEtoKNOW.it has seen an increase of 800% on searches for leather shirts. In 2019, we’ve seen a rise in Western-inspired fashion, including; cowboy boots, milkmaid dresses and cowboy hats. The leather shirt adds a modern edge to the trend and it’s taking over our Instagram feeds. Influencers @wearetwinset, @taramays and the @smythsisters have been styling the shirt in their own unique way.

The leather shirt is a trans-seasonal item that can be worn from the cooler days of Autumn (looks like they’ve already passed), straight through to the Spring/Summer of 2020. Layer it on top of jeans, a plain white tee and heels or boots to jazz up the most simple #OOTD.

Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior have all recently displayed the leather shirt, making it a sophisticated alternative to regular knitwear, so leave your wooly jumpers and denim shirts hibernating at the back of your wardrobe this year.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2020

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Joan Smalls have all been spotted out and about this week sporting the leather shirt in various colours and styles. Kendall opted for a olive green leather shirt pairing it with black leather pants and a seasonal favourite, square-toe boots. Obviously, she nailed the look in true Victoria’s Secret (RIP) style.

This is the most divisive accessory the fashion pack can’t get enough of (even if it *is* freezing outside)

While temperatures outside may seem to be forever plummeting, certain trends surpass any meteorological factors (as well as common sense).

Whether it’s mini skirts at 2am, or bralettes at the Christmas party, we – admittedly all too often – forgo comfort in the name of style. And I’m not about to reveal that that’s over…

Far from it, in fact, as this summer’s hottest shoe is back with a vengeance for winter.

The humble flip flop had a makeover earlier this year, as it was elevated – quite literally – by the addition of a heel.

No doubt one of the most divisive footwear trends of recent seasons, it’s still breaking into the mainstream. But, as is often the case with contentious sartorial quirks, fashion editors and influencers were immediately on board. No questions asked.

Of course, as it’s no longer entirely acceptable to pair them with a semi-sheer mini and bikini, they’ve needed a little style tweaking for the colder season.

A chic update to most office looks, we love the heeled flip flop peeking out from beneath a wide-legged trouser suit (which gets bonus points for shielding bare hooves from the wind), making a statement with some simple ankle-grazing jeans, or adding a certain zhuzh to a sexy slip dress of an evening.

Sold? Scroll down to snap up a pair of the season’s best…

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