You’ll Be on a High When You Dress Up as 1

But aside from that, Euphoria has given the TV screen some of the hands-down coolest outfits that any show ever has. Costume designer Heidi Bivens mixes vintage pieces with edgy looks, sexy outfits with nostalgic styles, and unique pieces with popular fashion trends to give each character their own individual sense of style.

From sentimental shoes to over-the-top accessories to , these styles are what your closet could only dream of.

HBO’s racy new series Euphoria gives viewers an inside look into the drama, drugs, and sex of high school. The are filled with that range from drug deals to family drama to big life milestones to all of the first-love kind of feels that come with being a teen.

These cutting edge outfits are the kind of thing that we all wish we were cool enough to wear in high school, but were too scared to even try. But this Halloween, take your fashion sense out of its comfort zone when you dress up as one of these Euphoria.

If you’ve got a bold and sexy side that you want to show off, try one of Kat’s killer looks. If you’re playful and shy but totally tantalizing, outfits never disappoint. And if you’re ready to embrace yourself like never before, Jules’ closet is filled with clothes that will make you more confident in yourself than you ever thought possible.

You can’t deny that you want to dress like Euphoria, so here’s exactly how to do it. These looks will give you a fashion high you’ve never felt before.

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