Nominate the women who wow you, this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, the TikTok music team is also planning a full takeover of the Sound Page with female-focused music playlists. Lapsley’s new song Womxn will be promoted as part of the #WomenWhoWow campaign.

It’s the latest inspiring campaign from TikTok, which is using its diverse and inclusive community as a platform for real change. It’s also long been a huge platform for showcasing female creators and women in music. Some of the biggest TikTok stars are female, such as Holly H (@HollyH) and her impressive 16.4m followers, and Laura Bubble (@laurbubble) whose comedy videos are a huge hit with her 1.1m-strong following.

So who’s involved? There’s inspirational, relatable and funny fitness girl Katie Tippings @myhitlife, whose spirited authenticity has us glued to her current journey, training for SAS: Who Dares Wins (you go, girl). She nominated her mum as her wow woman, as did comedic prankster Connor Darlington @connordarlington, who was already a mega hit on YouTube and is now bringing the LOLz to TikTok.

“Without my mother I would never be the person I am today and I am so grateful that TikTok gave me the opportunity to show that,” says Katie. “Every woman deserves to have a video dedicated to her for everything she does on a day-to-day basis.”

If it’s powerhouse makeup you’re after, look no further than drag queen cosplayer Wyntir Rose @wyntirose, whose fierce looks and costumes are truly impressive. Or beauty whizz (and lip sync maestro) Thuy Lee @xthuyle, whose colour-pop eye and flawless foundation skills are outdone only by her hilarious, on-point performances and comedic timing.

Both of these bold creators nominated their best friends. “I love that TikTok celebrates campaigns like this – women supporting women,” says Thuy Lee. “I am surrounded by strong independent women daily and I think it’s amazing we have campaigns like this to acknowledge and show appreciation to the important women in our lives.”

Body positivity and mental health advocate – and a member of TikTok’s in-house creator team – Lottie L’Amour @lottielamour, also features. Her messages of love and support are as heartwarming as her nomination for her wow woman – her partner Emma.

Then there’s the empowering 15-year-old Nikki Lilly @nikkililly_ – a BAFTA-winning TV presenter and vlogger, whose TikTok presence is further elevating her already inspiring work. She shares her experience of living with arteriovenous malformation or, in her words, living with a “visible difference”.

“TikTok doesn’t harbour edited photos and unrealistic expectations of what life ’should’ be like or what you ’should’ look like,” she says. “It enables women to actually enjoy themselves on the platform and not feel like they have a criteria or mould they have to fit in order to be liked or accepted.” Her wow woman is her mum, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she was a lot of young girls’ wow woman.

Now, of course, it’s over to you. So, this International Women’s Day, get involved in the conversation and nominate your wow woman with the hashtag #WomenWhoWow on TikTok, and let’s see what happens when we celebrate women, not just today, but every day.

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