April 13, 2024

Emily Ratajkowski went braless in a side-boob-baring cardigan for a possible sushi date

Fashion maverick Emily Ratajkowski has just invented a way to embrace the accidental side-boob you get when the buttons of your cardigan stretch slightly across the bust.

In pictures posted to Instagram, EmRata goes braless under a white cardigan, creatively styled to create intentional peepholes between the buttons. The post got an approving heart-eyes emoji from her possible new fling, comedian Eric Andre, as well as a “Yes pls” from Irina Shayk and a fire emoji from Amelia Gray Hamlin.

Ratajkowski added emojis for sushi and sake in the caption, and indeed, she appears to be sitting at a table next to a plate of some half-eaten tempura (#InvestigativeJournalism). But do we think, based on Emrata’s use of emojis, that she and Andre were eating sushi together? It’s entirely possible.

Following her brief tryst with Pete Davidson, photos of Ratajkowski and Andre enjoying an apparent date night at a Japanese restaurant were published by TMZ in early January—leading to speculation that the two were in the early stages of becoming “A Thing. ”

But a few days later, TMZ published photos of Ratajkowski in courtside seats at a Knicks game with a different dude, calling said Andre “Ting” into question.

So does the heart-eye emoji mean Emily Ratajkowski and Eric Andre are officially on? Is Andre just playing with us? Is he just shooting his shot? Does Emrata just really like sushi? Frankly, the only thing I am confidently taking from this Instagram post is a license to wear my white cardis out of the house sans brassiere.

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