July 24, 2024

Emergency Cosmetic

Lucky Muslim women – wearing a veil and no problems. Of course, in other respects they will not be envied, but sometimes you want to hide yourself from people’s views.

Sudden pimple, unhealthy complexion, swollen eyelids – such a nuisance happened in everyone’s life. If you add here an unsuccessful haircut, unsuccessful hair color, accidentally spoiled eyebrows and uneven skin in the morning – you realize that no one is immune from a sudden aesthetic fiasco. The correspondent of SE learned how to provide herself with an early cosmetic help.

A few true ways to get rid of sudden trouble with skin and hair

Red and white

In one film (not even in one), the girls refused to give dates or long-awaited parties because of a sudden pimpled pimple. Someone understands such experiences, someone thinks that it is not ideal too, we are all living people, but, probably, there is no person who believes that his pimples decorate him. So, if you came to the mirror in the morning and saw a treacherous eel, then you know that you can squeeze it out only if it is already ripe and a white head appeared over your skin.

“Red, inflamed, not ripe pimple can not be touched – crushing an inner capsule with pus, you will achieve that the inflammation will increase”, – warns Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician “Sante Aesthetik”.

What to do? If the pimple is white, then with the help of a napkin, with clean hands it is allowed to remove it. And they need to be removed – otherwise the infection can spread all over the skin. If it is not ripe, then it remains to wait and wait for greasing with special sticks for pimples or years of proven means: bought in a pharmacy with an alcohol solution of salicylic acid or tincture of calendula.

“But you can apply such funds only locally by wetting a cotton bud,” adds Catherine. – You can not wipe the skin with alcohol – the entire protective system is broken. ”

If you wait unbearable, then an unripened pimple can be covered with a foundation, the only trouble is that there is a risk of looking like a leopard, if the tone is not applied to the entire skin, but only to damaged points. The pimple from which the pus was removed, it is better to dry it for a while and not paint it. With regard to prevention, most often with a general satisfactory condition of the skin, inflammation occurs before menstruation or after fatty spicy dishes for dinner. All this can be taken into account so that the pimples do not take you by surprise.

The narrow world

According to the cosmetician Sante Aesthetique, the morning swelling of the eyelids does not result from excess fluid, but from its lack: “The organism, feeling a deficit, keeps water and stores, so to maintain the water balance you need to drink at least two liters of clean water a day “. But to do it better in the morning and in the afternoon – if you leave half the norm for the evening, then the kidneys, slowing down by the night, will not cope with the volume.

Do not confuse swelling with bags under the eyes, which are hernias. Difference is easy to see – swelling goes to dinner, bags remain at any time of the day. Edema is eliminated by compresses and the regimen of the day, hernial sacs – only with the help of plastic surgery.

Finding out in the morning that viewing yourself in the mirror is complicated by swollen eyelids, wash with water of contrasting temperatures, hold on your face alternately hot and cold wet towels.

“Effective and old ways to reduce swelling: tea compresses, chamomile ice,

” suggests Ekaterina Lebedko. “In addition, many eyelid creams have an additional drainage and vasoconstrictive effect. ”

Blood with milk

Another sudden morning problem – uneven color and stale skin. Improve the complexion and refresh tonics, but in some cases, measures are more invigorating. For example, with the same ice, you can make your face turn red: “Cold water, frozen infusion of chamomile or parsley perfectly smooth the complexion,” Maria Lipatnikova, a makeup artist, is sure.

Ekaterina Lebedko also advises those who often face the problem of uneven skin, pay attention to SOS-serums – they are in many cosmetic lines – due to the fact that the silicone fills wrinkles and other irregularities, and the light-reflecting particles that make up visually improve color, the skin becomes smooth and smooth. Use such serums for make-up.

But it’s better not to hide the problem, but to get rid of it: ice, regular cleaning, a healthy sleep, no bad habits – the best cosmetics.

Haircut just started

Perhaps every girl at least once in my life came across the fact that, coming out of the hairdresser, she knew that with such a haircut she would not seem to people. What to do? Immediately cut once again Maria Lipatnikova does not advise: you can achieve that there will be nothing to cut already, so it’s better to wait a little, to grow your hair, hiding them while in the tail or distracting attention with accessories. Bezel, elastic bands, hair clips will help you survive a difficult period, and somewhere in a week or two you can try to change the situation.

If the haircut is not bad, but the hair is naughty in the morning, you can try to wind it on the curlers for a few minutes while applying makeup – this procedure will not create curls, but will set the strands direction. Do not forget about irons – this tool is just designed to pacify unruly strands. As for the unsuccessful painting, it is clear that you can not wash away the persistent paint with shampoo.

Maria Lipatnikova advises using a special make-up remover with caution – often the color is not washed off, but washed away, leaving the stains and borders:

“I think it’s better to remove hair from the wrong color by highlighting, regularly brightening new strands. Both the washing and melting are, of course, very aggressive, but the latter gives a more advantageous result from an aesthetic point of view. ”

The lady of the brow is all-Union

The plucked eyebrows – the legacy of the Soviet past – haunt us even now. Natural form, width and density – for more than a decade a clear trend, but the trouble is often to return the natural appearance to the brow, which is used to be a thread, impossible. “It’s easy to spoil the shape of the eyebrows,” the cosmetologist Sante-Aesthetique reports. “It is more difficult to restore it – it happens that the hairs simply stop growing or grow crooked. ”

So it’s better to once shape in the cabin and either continue to do it with a specialist, or stick to a given line of the house without experimenting. If, however, the hand trembling accidentally pulled out more than necessary, the hairs are likely to grow back, and at this time tint the flaws with a pencil or eyebrow shadows, but draw with strokes, imitating the hairs, so as not to look like young, old women with coal-black tragic arcs over eyes. Remember about moderation and do not forget about the sense of humor. It will be easier to survive surprises thrown by your own face.

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