The Office may have aired its final episode nearly six years ago, but its fan base still remains one of the most dedicated and passionate ones out there. Case in point: a handful of particularly loyal viewers have crafted actual prayer candles inspired by the NBC show, swapping out saintly figures for Dunder Mifflin’s finest employees.

Are These Office-Themed Prayer Candles Necessary? Nope. Do I Still Want One?

Necessary? Probably not.

Still at the top of my Etsy wish list regardless? Abso-freakin’-lutely. Keep reading to shop a selection of the hysterical candles currently available on Etsy – and yes, there’s even one that honors your favorite Michael Scott alter ego, Prison Mike.

Pickle Chips Made of Actual Pickles Are in the Works, and We Can Already Hear the Crunch

Pickle has become an It snack flavor the past few years, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Vlasic is introducing pickle chips – like, actual crunchy chips made solely of pickles – so you can really take your love of the briny cucumber to the next level.

Food Business News announced the launch and revealed that Conagra Brands, the parent company of Vlasic and other brands, is coming out with the pickle chips in addition to snacks like Slim Jim Fried Pork Rinds.

The Original Dill Pickle Chips are “vacuum-fried” pickles packaged in snack-size bags, so they make for a convenient, low-calorie snack. A spokesperson for Conagra said the item is “still in development” and there is no release date, but the photo is enough to get excited about. Unlike Lay’s pickle-flavored chips that were re-released this year, these pickle chips aren’t made with potato.

Steve Madden Is Bringing Back Nineties-Style Platform Sandals

It’s no secret that 90s fashion has made a major comeback. Plaid, cargo pants, logo tees, Doc Martens, and other nostalgic styles have made their way from runways to retailers. Now, one of the most iconic items from the 90s is making its way back into stores: platform sandals.

Steve Madden has teamed up with Urban Outfitters, the authority on contemporary 90s-inspired fashion, for an exclusive capsule collection. As part of the collection, the shoe designer is relaunching its iconic chunky sandal. Yes, that sandal. The one you lived in during your middle school days.

Steve Madden first released the Slinky sandal in 1994, and it quickly became one of the brand’s most recognizable pieces. Happily, the new iteration is pretty much exactly as we remember it – super clunky soles, thick, stretchy straps, and all.

The only difference is in the price, as the platform sandals now retail for $70. Steve Madden and UO have also relaunched the footwear brand’s chunky flip flop sandal, the Comtempo, which will cost you a cool $60. Both are being sold in classic black and new neon colorways.

“Since the very beginning, it’s been all about platforms for us,” Steve Madden said in a press release. “We figured now was the best time to reinvent these styles.” What a time to be alive.

The platform sandals are available online exclusively at UrbanOutfitters.com.

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