Wearing a belt with your swimwear is the biggest trend for summer

Before you reach the point when you realise your swimwear drawer is filled with nothing but mismatched bikini bottoms, or embark on an ASOS spree of next-to-nothing lycra three days days before you fly, allow us to introduce you to the hottest swimwear trend of 2019.

Call us fickle, but all we can think about when the sun starts to shine and Love Island draws ever closer is manifesting our dream swimwear for our summer holiday.

If, like us, you once thought that swimming costumes were frumpy, unflattering and generally past their sell-by-date, it’s time to rethink everything you know. That’s because this season, belted swimsuits are the only thing to wear poolside.

There’s two ways trial the trend, and both are equally as stylish. If you’re all about a fuss-free life, you can simply invest in a swimsuit with a fabric belt sewn onto the design.

If, however, you’ve a well-stocked accessories drawer and you’re not afraid to use it, you can customise your cossie with a waist-belt for a personal touch.

Opt for the former and you’ll be spoilt for choice, from cut-out silhouettes and edgy side-belted swimsuits, to cinched pieces that have a chic, retro vibe. There’s also a whole spectrum of rainbow-bright colours on the high street right now, which we’re fully appreciating.

Take a closer look at your Insta feed, and you’ll spot the trend popping up on everyone from Love Island star Zara McDermott and Victoria’s Secret angel Romee Strijd, to the KarJenner krew. These ladies 100% know what’s up when it comes to the trend, because their Instagrams look friggin’ amazing.

There’s no need to think about kaftans, crochet tops or complicated cover-ups either, because this swimsuit is literally an outfit in its own right. Add some statement earrings, grab your cocktail and get down to the beach pronto!

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