Krygina Cosmetics – for those who love makeup

Withall the recently makeup artist Elena Krygina launched its own cosmetic brand Krygina Cosmetics with a wide range of power tools. Pigments, glitters, thinners and BeautyHack asked Elena about the brand and about the alternatives in makeup.

Many people ask – how did the idea to create his own line of cosmetics? I honestly don’t remember, but it seems to me that many are already recognized by make-up artists see this as a continuation of his career. In addition, when such over-saturation of the market of beauty funds, I was still feeling some kind of understaffed. On the one hand, a whole lot, and in the case in the end – a little. In the media I always lacked versatility, versatility and, of course, pigmentirovannoy. Now all this is in Krygina Cosmetics – in fact, I just gathered all the things I lacked.

And so it happened that made cosmetics, primarily for myself. Of selfish desires! (laughs) But I, that means turned professional, but at the same time they could be adapted for home use. This format approach to makeup while still new – the part maybe even a little scare. But when you come a little closer to stand in the store, unable to touch everything with your fingers, intuitively it becomes clear what to do, and simple girls, makeup artists.

Five years ago I couldn’t imagine that it will launch its own line of cosmetics. Even when we started, there was a feeling that it will be a real kick from that all these tools do exist. Honestly, I still not aware that all this has happened. Was recently laughing with a friend, and now my condition is very similar to postremoval depression. You seem to not know what to do with the emotions that overwhelm you with hype on certain funds.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

It’s like child birth: you have sleepless nights, no free time, you’re always in some analysis – what color best fit, as all will be combined.

The launch of our own brand was for me like Everest – that is, the top of which you need to conquer. I had a feeling that I’m the man who climbed Everest, put the box and stands there and doesn’t know what to do with it. For any makeup artist branding is the maximum threshold, and then its development: performance, market price, reviews audience – that is, his way into the hearts and cosmetic girls. Now I’m not just “Elena Krygina – up artist” and “Elena Krygina – business-woman”.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

I, as master, has always lacked the capacities of makeup. Theoretically, I can take the lipstick and apply it on the eye, but the manufacturer is not expected – he did not examine the reaction to the skin of the eyelid. Plus, the oiliness of the lipstick, in principle, not suitable for eye makeup – she’s just rolled. Hence my frustration: paint the eyes on the lips, and I think it will cause a allergic reaction or not, whether to drink an antihistamine, just in case? All these factors versatility means we have taken into account in the laboratory. The person needs to give freedom – it can manifest itself in the bright makeup, and a light Nude. After all, beauty is when you feel beautiful, not just painted.

Krygina Cosmetics – for those who love makeup in General.

For those who are a little spoiled by the variety of means and precise “cuts” in this thread. Although not rule out that those who are just starting to comprehend the art of makeup, too will easily understand what to do. We have, for example, is no reference to the brush – all can be applied with hands, sponges, anything. It is a brand which blurs the boundaries of possibilities in makeup – you can do everything! How do you feel – and do it. Maybe you feel attractive with blue lipstick on the lips, or, conversely, with a light blush and sheer balm. In Krygina Cosmetics has everything in order to create the desired image.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

Krygina whole line of Cosmetics is based on very pigmented cream tools Concrete – with them and started developing. The creamy texture is always closer to the skin: easier to blend, and with a very light application never guess that on the face makeup.

For example, the Plum shade can do to deceive people, because with the feather on his cheeks turns a light blush. There are Ludowy warm Peach – it will fit, if your skin color is more Golden. Both create an immediate effect of fresh, rested players. But if Plum on your lips tightly, the color will be bright but still not inconsistent with the business dress code – this is the color of ripe plums. Many girls come in and say, “I Have budget for one tool, what should I buy?” We will certainly recommend Plum, because we know – clients will use every day. Ruby red (my favorite color) they will come later, brown Chestnut – too.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

Generally, Concrete is unique in that all colours are easily mixed together. It is a flagship facility and we started to develop the first, and finished the latest. Pigment, suitable for eye makeup and for the lips and cheeks, and the whole is difficult. Formulation means it took us three years, and not once turned good. Chemists stroyut its work on the rules, but we do not fit the existing developments, it was necessary to invent. They had drive, curiosity, and they began to experiment.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

The result is a really interesting medium: it is mixed evenly to become a new color. Moreover, it is indestructible even when dry, add diluent and Concrete again. He has a very cool packaging – metal house. The box itself performs the function palette: mix of funds directly into the inner side of the lid.

Already see social media as someone who folds there pills, cotton swabs, and hair barrettes. We have envisaged to make it all fit in there.

The pigment have a number of support tools that make it easier, liquid or nutritious. Two of the diluent in the collection is Texture Master Liquid and Cream Texture Master. They give a different texture: with the first you can turn Concrete into a liquid consistency, and the second one will give the effect of the cream. The coating of the pigment is very dense, so if you want a lighter finish, it will need to be diluted.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

Using Texture Master Liquid you can bring the pigment to the state of watercolors, and touchups – for example, if the arrow went the wrong way. You can add in other cosmetics is to make a tight tone stick easier to revive dried gel eyeliner. Or you can mix the Concrete with Texture Master and Cream to cream blush or lipstick is a classic!, and if we add pigment Metallized, then you will be ready cream highlighter.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

Metallized is exclusively metallic pigment, which as well interacts with all the other tools. He really lays down over the Concrete, adding to it the gloss with metallic effect. It is a semi-matte glow. And if you mix Metallized with a liquid diluent, will get the effect of the liquid metal.

And Metallized packaged in a pipette. Why? Remember that problems always arise with dry pigments: sparkles are scattered all over the floor, and then eats into the surface and impossible to remove. And thanks to the dropper you can apply on your palm as much as you need.

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

There are two products, one of which is Lip Mask – can also interact with the pigments. This is a nutrient that helps to restore the skin overnight. I like a man who walks with a matte lipstick all day, had to do something. Use at night and Wake up with new lips! Lip Mask can be applied to other areas – for example, when it is cold outside, your cheeks may appear hyperkeratosis due to frequent temperature changes. It’s such a dry layer on the skin, and most often it occurs in those who work in offices. So using the Lip Mask these areas to moisturize and restore disappearing peeling, heals all the small cracks.

This lip balm, treatment for cuticles, to the same volume of packing is large enough – enough time.

If we talk about lipsticks, it is always a plus pigment nutrient. So Concrete is the first, and Lip Mask – the second. Mix them to get a lipstick or lip balm with tint (this will depend on the proportions), and even to make cream blush, which will emphasize the peeling.

There is a scrub Lip Scrub – it complements the mask, because the fact that the skin peels off, you just need to remove. Tool with very small pellets microcellulose not even exfoliates and polishes the lips. And it can also be used before going to bed: have a massage and just leave. The microspheres gradually dissolve and will remain lip balm.

But if you want a glossy finish, take the gloss Glass Gloss. Where relevant it will be for lips and eyeshadow. The very long do not dissolve the pigment is just “lies” on top as glass, so it is called. Previously, a similar effect in make-up all applied the lip gloss, but because of a fatty basis, at some point, the pigment on the eyelids started to slide. Glass Gloss we’ve developed, to dissolve the components in a certain way and to avoid their reaction with each other. After some time the Shine, of course, mixed in with the Concrete – work lacquer lipstick or gloss, depending on the desired effect. In General, the capabilities of this tool are endless. We even at some point tried to count how many options of makeup can be created using Glass Gloss – did not work! Just outta.

When we were developing thinner, it was important for me to make it possible to create a million different textures. And if there is thinner, then there must be a thickener! Because it is necessary, for example, make a thick pomade or gel eyeliner or a brow gel. We decided to create a powder based on the same ingredients that go into Concrete, so it is easily mixed with the pigment. Later it turned out that in addition to thickening, Fixit Powder acts in the role of a base for Concrete, is a great primer for eyelids. For example, fix the arrows and additionally allows you to apply any color very closely and intensively. It can even be applied over lipstick to pigment lasted even longer!

And of course, came up with the idea to apply the powder all over the face. And then there was magic: we were not expecting to create a tool that will completely erase the pores from the face. The skin is perfectly smooth! Besides, Fixit Powder phenomenal sensitivity. We all do selfies – so even using the iPhone camera it responds to bright light and makes the face perfectly smooth, like liquid Apple.

When was the opening of the corner, someone posted me a photo and in the comments wrote: “it really is such beautiful skin up close?” And I think, “I just Have the powder cool!”

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

And of course, our individual pride – sequin Sparkles. I can say that more than a bright and shining glitter. He has a double-sided coating, and the like paillette nor lay down, it will always be visible – all faces reflected. There are basic Sparkles, which must be all – white sequins Argentum. When we were developing this tool, I realized you need to add real silver to sequins sparkled. Many, of course, twisted at a temple – glitter of silver will sell? Well, Yes, but so what?

Елена Крыгина: «Krygina Cosmetics – для тех, кто любит макияж»

All Sparkles have a different grind, and apply them by using Texture Master Cream (it’s the perfect base for them), or even Concrete – in addition to the pigment it is also a great bonding base. Apply them on the eyelids, lip – Yes, even my freckles. Moreover, glitter can also be mixed with each other – get new shades, different colors that shimmer like a prism.

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