July 15, 2024

Eight main reasons that lead to infertility and problems in conception

If you do not take into account the zealous chayldfri, the birth of children is still the main value for most women. But every sixth pair of children can not lead – this is the statistic.

And the reasons why you can not get pregnant, usually the first woman is looking for. What kind of diseases can lead to problems with conception and how doctors struggle with them, the SHE correspondent learned from specialists.

The first reason: problems with ovulation

This reason the doctors consider the most important. If the ovaries of a woman do not work properly, the follicle will not ripen. Failure in the hormonal system means that the woman’s hormones are produced too little, too much or their proportion is incorrect. Accordingly, the egg simply does not ripen. So, there will be “no one” to meet with the male seed. Problems with the maturation and release of the egg due to hormonal disorders – the cause of every third infertility case.

As manifested:most often – a violation of the menstrual cycle.

The normal cycle lasts from 24 to 35 days and does not “jump”. Or monthly regular, but you are very much nervous: because of this, the “wrong” oocytes mature.

In this case, the doctor can identify the violation. He will appoint to donate blood to hormones, examine the development of the follicle with ultrasound or send to the MRI of the brain (if there is a suspicion of malfunctioning the pituitary gland). Hormonal failure is treated easier, if it is not started, this is the most important.

Reason two: endometriosis An

unpleasant and frequent disease, when endometrial cells (the inner layer of the uterus wall) grow outside this layer. Endometriosis leads to the formation of cysts, adhesions, bleeding, as a result, a woman has a set of symptoms that interfere with conception.

As manifested:cyclical pains before monthly (and in their first days), plentiful bleeding and smearing secretions. To exclude endometriosis, the doctor will conduct an examination and appoint an ultrasound. Endometriosis is well treated with special regimens of OK intake.

The third reason: polycystosis

In polycystic patients, the level of male hormones increases, because of this, a female egg can not ripen. Instead of one mature cell, a woman accumulates a lot of immature, but useless follicles.

As manifested:most often pimples and growth of hair on the face. To identify the disease, the doctor will appoint a study of the hormonal background, ultrasound. Treatment – usually long, requires patience, but with the correct implementation of the recommendations of a doctor become pregnant with this diagnosis.

Reason Four: Weight

Most of the estrogen in the female body is produced by the ovaries, but some generate special fat cells – adipocytes, Tatyana Ovsyannikova explains, by dedicating the reproduction of the clinic to the CNMT.

So, the cause of infertility can be as an excess of fat cells that produce hormones (with excess weight), and lack (if a woman likes hard diets).

As manifested:you can focus on the body mass index, it allows you to at least approximately determine the concept of norm for yourself.

Reason five: inflammation

Inflammatory diseases of pelvic organs – a large group of diseases leading to infertility. Any neglected inflammation is dangerous in that it leads to salpingitis, a chronic inflammation of the fallopian tubes. With such inflammation, spikes are inevitable, and they are the second major cause of female infertility after hormonal disorders.

As manifested:the chronic inflammation is lubricated. We will first have to find a pathogen, pass antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy. To assess the condition of the tubes, the doctor can prescribe the examination of the fallopian tubes using an X-ray or a laparoscope (if the case is complicated). Chronic inflammations are treated quite a long time.

Reason Six: Antibodies

“Immunological incompatibility is associated with the development of a female body of antibodies to the sperm of a man. This leads to infertility and miscarriages in the case of successful conception, “- explains the gynecologist-endocrinologist of the center” Dune “Tatiana Botkina. According to her, rejection of her husband’s sperm is the case of every tenth infertile couple.

As it appears: thewoman is healthy, but there is no pregnancy. To cope with the complex task of nature, doctors make of the blood of her husband a special serum, which is administered to a woman – as a result her body stops struggling with her husband’s cells and “permits” pregnancy.

The reason is the seventh: psychosomatics

It also happens: everything has been checked up, but there is no pregnancy. And even antibodies are not produced. Then the gynecologists send the woman to think about priorities.

According to the psychosomatic specialist Natalya Mogilevskaya, the body more honestly approaches the issue of conception: if a woman actually does not want or is afraid of the child, and thinks “the mind” in a different way, the body will not get pregnant.

To have a child in this situation, some require the help of a therapist – first you need to figure out what you really want.

The reason last: the husband

Diseases of the woman become the cause of infertility in 40% of married couples who can not have a child, and in 45% of cases the “guilty” is a man, reminds statistics Tatyana Ovsyannikova. Thus, she warns immediately: if there are problems, it is advisable to send a spouse to the doctor. Today, a normal spermogram indicator in men is considered to be the presence of 50% of active sperm, but even a man may not have it. So it is better to learn about this immediately and overcome all the hardships of the way to the child together.

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