June 17, 2024

Effortless jewels that will add *zhuj* to your Zoom outfits

Slipping on ablazerseems way too try-hard when we all know you’re intracksuit bottomsbelow, while your hair clips and Alice bands feel equally overdone. Everyone has seen yourPrincess Diana-collar blouse (several times) and the less said about that hoodie, the better.

Your jeans are becoming moth-eaten and your poor shoes are gathering dust – apart from those old trainers you wear on your state sanctioned daily walk / essentials shop.

As the UK shuffles (in our slippers) towards the 8th week of enforced government lockdown we’re totally bored of our Zoom outfits. Getting dressed, rather than remaining in your PJs, is a proven mood lifter but once you’ve gone through your selection of statement yet work appropriate tops, how else can you style yourself for all those WFH catch-ups?

The solution to adding a little something, without feeling like you’re doing Drag Race, is jewellery.

Because you’re likely to be dressed pretty casually (let us guess, it’s a t-shirt? ) a bit of bling is the ultimate highlight. The high / low mix – where you combine a basic (like a grey marl t-shirt) with something fancy (a pair of chandelier earrings, say) – is every stylist’s secret weapon for looking polished without trying too hard.

Earrings, necklaces and chokers or bracelets, cuffs and rings will all make any outfit pop in a group chat. If you’re going for an oversized shape, neutrals and metallic tones work best although if you fancy a bright pop of colour (to stand out against that grey marl) a smaller shape looks less obvious. Picking the right level of glamour is a balance between size and shade. Stacking up rings and a section of bangles and bracelets is also a shortcut to looking artfully styled while mixing shades of metals seems effortlessly considered.

Scroll through our edit of the ultimate ways to make a statement without saying anything at all.

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