Efficiency of soap nuts with which you can wash, wash clothes and rinse your throat

Fashion spares no one, two or three seasons – and she capriciously throws from the podiums and from the minds of everyone and everything: sharp-nosed shoes, narrow hips, feminine men.

Held for a long time was possible except that the Japanese cuisine, the series “Sex and the City” and … natural. And the latter firmly holds its position in everything – from make-up to food. The latest conquest of naturalness has become a craze for so-called eco-goods: the number of companies offering coconut foam for washing dishes and fruits of exotic trees for washing is growing.

According to the producers, all these tools have been used by people from time immemorial and were mistakenly replaced by scientific and technological progress.The correspondent of SHE returned to the sources and tested 100% natural products.

Help: Ecotourism– goods (food, cosmetics, clothing, dishes, cleaners, etc.) containing only natural components of plant origin. Soap nuts are solid, dry fruits of the soap-tree (sapindus) round in shape, very similar to nuts, up to 2.5 cm in diameter. The skin of these fruits contains saponins, natural foaming agents. The cost in the store AroMagic from 210 rubles per package. The cleaning stick is the root or twigs of trees or shrubs of the Salvadoraceae family, cut into pieces of about 15 cm. According to the manufacturers, this is an alternative to a toothbrush and toothpaste, contains a large number of bioactive substances. The cost in the store AroMagic 110 rubles. 

Soap for soap

If you are allergic to all existing cleaners, if you want to save on cosmetics or grandmother just tortured you with stories that there is always “chemistry” on the dishes after washing, – rejoice. The solution to all your problems has been found, and the name is soap nuts. At least, all this is promised by the producer of a miracle-tool, more precisely, a packer: after all, nuts grow on their own in the eastern countries, and the seller can only lay them out in linen bags.

If you believe the description on the Internet, then nuts can wash clothes, wash dishes, wash your face, wash your hair and even gargle with infections. A consultant at the store advised on taking samples of small nuts in a washcloth that are not suitable for a washing machine, but they work fine for hand washing, and also as a means for cleansing the face and body.

Wash:A linen bag, not tightly stuffed with nuts, did not betray a miracle in itself. To start transformations from a plain-looking duckling into a beautiful cleaning swan, the bag should be lowered into a basin with warm water and properly blurred. All this was reported by the consultant, since the information on the package itself was meager. For washing, a silk dressing gown was chosen without complex spots and a “stool duck” in the form of a kitchen towel, which is specially made with cherry juice, raspberries, a little adzhiki, ballpoint pen paste and lipstick.

The pouch at first was difficult to work with, but later gave a real foam and a very specific smell. Sellers honestly warn about the smell in the process of use, but promise that clothes will smell nothing.

The water colored the color of a weak iodine solution, but things did not get hurt. However, the stains also did not suffer much: an hour after soaking and rubbing, only cherry juice disappeared from the towel, the rest remained in almost original form. But the robe actually acquired a certain freshness, and, drying up, it smelled of nothing. By the way, in the washing machine at 60 degrees with washing powder, all the stains left the towels.

Washing:Is there a woman in the world who is willing to put on her face that perfectly removes the traces of Adzhika from her clothes? Therefore, the fact that the stains still remained in their seats, gave enthusiasm and reassured: perhaps, in cosmetology, the talent of nuts will open up more. After an hour in a basin with water, the bag was washed on conscience, gave a good foam. When the face was massaged, it was necessary to delay breathing, as the smell became more saturated, but the sensation of purity never came.

Despair did not want to, maybe the product is suitable for the shower? Nuts at this time as if caught courage and foam gave generously, the bag famously slipped on the body. But the foam was not soapy, not tender, and so it did not leave the feeling that you were rubbing yourself with a wet washcloth without soap, which meant it was useless. But the smell of decayed hazelnut with an admixture of laundry soap remained on the skin for another hour.

Olga Berezovikova, dermatocosmetologist at the center of cosmetology ReVival:“The soap itself can really cleanse. But it has an alkaline reaction, so it can disrupt the acid balance of the skin. There are means for cleaning, where soap is taken as a basis, but they must contain acids. If the composition just shows the fruit of the tree, without information about the substances contained in them, talk about the benefits of such a product for the skin is difficult. ”

Magic wand

If you wash with nuts and do not wash yourself, it may be more successful to brush your teeth with a so-called cleaning wand. Outwardly it’s nothing less than a twig resembling a cheese to beer. If you do not study the seller’s website in advance, then guess that this wand is capable of killing bacteria, getting rid of caries, unpleasant odor and even improving your eyesight (the nerves stretching from the roots of the teeth are somehow connected with other parts of the face) – it’s simply impossible. The instruction is recommended to soak the tip of 1 cm and clear of the bark, chew it and brush it with a brush.

To get authentic sensations, it was decided to peel the peel with teeth. It turned out to be technically simple, but peculiar in sensations: the magic wand tasted like a normal, not too vigorous horseradish.

The resulting brush, similar to a large brush for oil paint, turned out to be medium hardness. The front teeth were easy to clean, but getting to the root without any help was not an easy task: the stick does not bend, and the mouth does not open so wide. In addition, the bits of the brush had to spit out periodically, and the smell of horse-radish in a bad way was driving me crazy. Clean the tongue from the raid with all the love for the sharp. Those teeth, to which it was possible to reach, really remained without a raid, but the usual feeling of freshness did not come. And the smell of horse radish from the mouth, as well as the smell of nuts from the body, led to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to use such eco-products to people either alone and closed, or surrounded by absolute like-minded people.

Pavel Pushilin, resident physician of the Maxillofacial Surgery Department of the City Clinical Hospital: “It is possible that such a remedy can remove a soft coating from the front teeth, but do not reach the” sixes “, do not remove tartar. And as for the connection of nerves in the jaws and eyes, open the atlas on the human anatomy, and you will understand that any influence is absolutely impossible. “

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