This £1.99 Aldi sunscreen offers better protection than most major brands

According to a new consumer survey for Channel 5 Shop Smart: Save Money, discount sunscreen from Aldi protects us better from ultraviolet rays. The show compared six popular suncream brands with SPF 30: Garnier Ambre Solaire, Nivea Sun, Piz Buin, Boots, Superdrugs and Aldi.

It’s getting hot. The sun’s out, and so are your bare legs. So obviously, it’s time to stock up on SPF for summer. We’re big on sun protection here at GLAMOUR and we’ll take every possible opportunity to remind you to slap on some lotion, whether it’s for our face, in a powder or high-tech genetic protection factor.

When you’re deciding which sunscreen to get, you probably think that opting for an expensive, well-known beauty brand is safest. Perhaps not, as it turns out. It looks as though the best sun protection might be provided by a little Aldi product that comes in at a sweet £1.99.

Basically, sunscreen has a ranking system of stars, with five stars being the best protection level.

Aldi’s Lacura gets a five star ‘ultra’ rating, as do Boots’ £4 Soltan and Superdrug’s £4.99 Solait. This means they offer the most complete sun protection on the market – but you’ll notice there’s still a price difference.

Meanwhile, Garnier’s Ambre Solaire – arguably the most iconic sunscreen brand – only has three stars. The NHS recommend using a sunscreen with a minimum of four stars – which Nivea Sun and Piz Buin both have, at £5.50 and £7.17 respectively.

Who would’ve guessed? Aldi’s trusty bargain range is the best sun protection money can buy.

Speaking of which, they’ve just updated their Lucara range.

Their Hydrating Sun Spray is available in SPF15 and SPF30, at £2.99. It’s enriched with vitamin E and Edelweiss flower extract and promises not to be greasy or streaky. They’ve also released a new clear SPF15 spray which dries and absorbs quickly, if you’re looking for that in your sunscreen. It’s £2.39. All of their products have that all-important five star rating.

Lather up.

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