Speeding up your Nail Services

As the newcomer, it is taking the Beauty industry by storm. Many people ask what makes Poly gel different to Acrylic and UV Gel application. Poly gel was inspired by a desire to combine the benefits of both acrylic and hard gel while remaining strong and durable.

Give your clients more value for money without compromising on your treatment time!

Poly gel is very flexible to work with and can be used in many ways.

It can be applied:

  • As an overlay on natural nails to give additional strength
  • As an overlay on false tips to extend the nails
  • As a sculpted nail using a nail form to extend nails

It is still cured under a UV/LED lamp and feels lot lighter on the nails than both standard UV gel and acrylic.

There are many benefits of using Poly gel:

  • it can be worked to achieve the perfect shape and won’t set like acrylic until cured so ideal for beginners, reducing the need for filing to finish nails
  • it is easily removed with a file or buffer, no need to soak unlike acrylic
  • it doesn’t have the strong smell like acrylic does so ideal for mobile use or in smaller salons
  • it comes in a variety of colours to allow you to be creative

E-filing is a great way to allow an advanced tool to do all the hard work for you. Not only that but you can be much more precise and efficient when working on your client’s nails.

With a standard nail file, you are limited to just a flat surface that can be difficult to manoeuvre around the nail and can be more time consuming using a standard nail file or buffer. The E-file has become so much more specialized which a huge variety of e-file heads available that you can now do a full service from start to finish with less physical exertion (reducing risk of repetitive strain injuries). It is also lot faster which will help speed up your service for both the advantage of time pressed clients but also allowing you to fit in more clients per day to maximise your earnings.

Quick dip powder is a very fine acrylic powder product that works as a coloured powder, layered between a base coat and a top coat. Dip powder doesn’t need to be cured under a UV/LED lamp making it ideal for mobile nail techs or beginners who don’t want to carry around a lot of products or who need to keep starter kit costs low.

Quick dip powder can be used over tips to extend the nails or on natural nails alone to give strength and a long lasting colour or French finish. Quick dip application pots are available to help easily achieve the perfect smile lines for French finish speeding up the treatment timings and also giving a flawless professional finish. A wide range of colours are available to allow you to be creative and create nail art effects too.

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