I coloured my hair at home for the first time and this is what happened

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything. An old, wise man *apparently* said that, and we bet your bottom dollar he was bald as Daddy Warbucks.

When it comes to hair, we’re not willing to roll the dice on results, especially those of us sporting our natural shade. Until greys start to truly take over, we’re hedging our bets on a trim. Maybe a highlight or two, if we’re feeling particularly wild.

Of course, drastic hair transformations do happen – celebrities in particular love to take advantage of having a glamsquad on demand, and who can blame them. Brunette to blonde, long to short – all can be achieved with a simple snap of the fingers. A double snap, and everything is reversed, courtesy of hair extensions and willing colourists. For the rest of us however, the only affordable way to undo a major cut or colour is a painstaking wait. It’s much safer to avoid the whole ordeal entirely.


I coloured my hair at home for the first time and this is what happened

Taking the risk and cost out of colouring, Schwarzkopf Only Love, £6.79 is the at-home hair dye for a natural-looking colour boost that won’t leave you weeping with regret. The formula is packed with natural nourishers too, from calming oat milk to soy protein and argan oil, and it’s Ammonia, silicone and alcohol* free. Even those with virgin hair are willing to give it a go.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our GLAMOUR Tries influencers Shelley Morecroft and Sara Louise – both natural brunettes looking for a darker, richer shade without the need for damage control. Could their results and reactions convince us to dip into dye?

Have you coloured your hair before?

Shelley: I had highlights a few years ago and balayage 6 months ago. I’ve never had a full head of colour however.
Sara: Lots when I was younger, but I haven’t dyed it in five years.

What was your experience of colouring?

Shelley: My half head of balayage was a bit of a disaster, during the patch test I had a severe allergic reaction and it burned my skin behind my ear. I now have a scar there.
Sara: I over bleached my hair when younger and it all fell out, every time I tried to colour my hair it wouldn’t turn out right, the colour was never as it appeared on the box.

Tell us a crazy hair moment.

Shelley: I once cut my hair shoulder length when I was 12. For me, that was a huge change after always having long hair. My hair has basically always been the same.
Sara: It was bleach blonde/pink/turquoise for a very short while.

Were you nervous about using an at-home kit?

Shelley: Yes, mainly because I had never coloured my hair before but also because I didn’t know how I would look with darker hair.
Sara: Yes a little bit, as I hadn’t coloured my hair for 5 years.

What result were you hoping for?

Shelley: I was hoping to not have any itchy skin and for the colour to turn out as expected.
Sara: I wanted a dark warm shade that was full of shine.

Is it important for hair products to have no nasties?

Shelley: I have a sensitive scalp and don’t think I could use any product with paraben or sulphate.
Sara: Yes, absolutely.

Are you happy with the result?

Shelley: Absolutely! The shade is just stunning. My hair is soft and feels incredibly smooth – in fact, it feels better now than it did before colouring.
Sara: I love it! It’s all one colour and is beautiful and shiny!

How does your hair look and feel a few weeks on?

Shelley: My hair is still very soft and the colour is just gorgeous. It feels and looks like it’s my natural hair colour, which is fantastic. I could not recommend it more. It’s shiny, the colour is vibrant and my hair feels super smooth.
Sara: Still looks great, I’m really impressed. I was scared it was going to fade but it still looks great!

Has anything surprised you?

Shelley: How brilliant an at-home kit can actually be. I read the ingredients on the package which meant that I was 100% aware of what is in the product and what goes on my head. Especially after that disastrous patch test. The fact that I can do all of this in the comfort of my own home is great too.
Sara: Just how lovely the colour turned out.

Who were you excited to show your new hair to?

Shelley: Without a doubt my mum, I was actually a bit worried that she may think it’s too dark but she said that the colour really suits me. My boyfriend loves it too.
Sara: Everyone!

Would you choose this product again?

Shelley: My scalp felt fine after, the colour looks very natural and my hair feels great. I was worried that it would get really dry, but my hair feels perfect still and not dry at all. The colour is still vibrant and just looks gorgeous.
Sara: Yes, definitely. it was super easy to apply and I love this shade of brown.

Do you have more plans for your hair?

Shelley: I’m thinking of going a bit shorter actually. Something I would have never considered before, but I think the confidence after this fantastic experience has really opened my eyes and how much more I could do with my hair.
Sara: I wouldn’t mind getting a few layers put in in future!

What other hair colours would you consider?

Shelley: I feel like I’ve found my perfect hair colour.
Sara: I would try golden brown, slightly lighter or slightly darker – as long as it suits my skin tone.

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