Seaweed is the latest sustainable material

In a quest to find out *everything* about *every* sustainable material available, we got in touch with the team at Truly, a lifestyle brand who create ‘beautiful things that are thoughtful, considered and quality’.

We’ve deconstructed the truth behind mushroom leather, apple leather, and pineapple leather, and we’ve tried to get our head around the new, sustainable silk-like fabric made from orange peel, Kombucha leather and a linen-like material made from hemp… but HEY what’s one more.

Amongst their varied range of sustainable fashion pieces is this crew-neck slogan sweatshirt with ‘Happy as a Clam’ embroidered at the chest. And while it may have initially caught our eye because of its punchy hue, we lingered on it because of something far more impactful.

Yet another example of an incredible, innovative use of natural, sustainable materials, it is made from of a blend of sustainable cotton and SeaCell – a sustainable fibre made from dried seaweed. And Truly are the first UK fashion brand to use it.

The dried seaweed is crushed and finely ground before being incorporated into a cellulose fibre which can be used to make a wide variety of materials for different applications.

It’s also great news for your skin, as SeaCell is a renewable resource rich in antioxidants and works to protect your skin from free radicals that damage cells and cause signs of aging.

The even better news? It’s produced using an eco-friendly process using methods that save both energy and resources, making the slogan sweatshirts entirely biodegradable.

Truly’s Founder Creative Director, Tara Capp, said: “We have been working hard to ensure that we deliver more to our customers than merely beautiful products and so we’re really excited to launch our new SS19 SeaCell knitwear collection.”

“We’re the first brand to use this innovative material in a fashion collection in the UK, which is a huge honour. The environmentally sound fibre offers maximum comfort, is great for the planet and benefits the body and overall health so it was a natural choice.”

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