Slick Woods has launched a jewellery line to help fund minority-owned businesses

She’s giving us yet another reason to love her even more, launching her jewellery line C1V1L including rings, necklaces and bracelets which range from £150 to £5,000.

From being one of Rihanna’s chosen few to front Fenty Beauty, to providing us with a level of female empowerment and confidence on a daily basis, Slick Woods is the model changing the game.

In typical Slick Woods fashion, the collection is just as cool as she is. Firstly, it’s unisex and it mostly uses semi-precious metals. Think a clean, modern and architectural aesthetic.

Time and time again we’re seeing black culture being used as the impetus for fashion collections, beauty and culture at large, but most often the people behind the brands aren’t people of colour, let alone women of colour.

“We are supposed to entertain everybody with our words and the way we talk and we are just supposed to sing and dance. I’m trying to be king. I’m not trying to be the jester” says Slick in an interview with Business of Fashion about the exploitation of black culture.

Joining forces with a selection of her friends and Jerry Media, the company behind the expose on Fyre Festival, the brand plans to invest 20% of its profits back into other minority and female-owned companies.

Jerry Media’s Managing Director, Blakely Thornton, added: “There is an issue of the culture being commoditised but we are not the owners of that. Even if you’re pushing it and it’s getting a positive media reception, it’s disheartening seeing that the actual financial capital is going back to the same place, back to the top of that pyramid.”

Alas, there isn’t yet a release date announced for the brand’s first collection, but like the rest of us, you’ll have to live with the teasers for now.

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