Easter egg nails and other easy designs to get stuck into over the bank hols

The extroverts and introverts among us are having to get comfortable with JOMO (the joy of missing out), or more accurately JOSI (the joy of staying in). Which means finding things around the house to occupy our time and bring the cheer.

We have some time on our hands. We’re heading into the bank holiday weekend and we… well, we’re staying put.

Obviously, an easter egg hunt is on the agenda. Hiding creme eggs in your other half’s sock drawer should see you through an hour or two. Next up, art. We might not have an easel and a whitewashed studio at the end of our garden, but we do have grit. Sit in the sunshine (whether that’s at your kitchen table, on your balcony or by your front door), grab a glass of rosé and your favourite nail polishes and treat your nail beds like mini canvases.

You could go full Van Gogh with some sunflowers (florals are very in for spring). Oh – what’s that? A whole gallery of inspiration (we spoil you). Or you could play up the Easter vibes with speckled mini egg designs, switch things up with fried eggs (to do stuff a little differently), accent nails with swipes of spring-friendly yolk yellow, sky blue and pastel pink or even try out GLAMOUR’s very own fluffy cloud design, created by our pals at @mytownhouse, especially for you.

Time to perfect those at-home manis. Here’s some eggs-ellent inspiration to get you going…

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