Embrace the New Year With This Yoga Video All About Transitioning into Change

Adriene’s video started with deep breathing and a form of seated Cat Cow. Then, Bird Dog crunches targeted the hamstrings, glutes, and core. I liked the fact that Adriene alternated between softer poses that steadied the breath (Savasana) or opened up the hips and legs (lunge and Lizard variations, for example) and more difficult sequences that brought heat to the body (half push-ups, for one). I had to strategize my way through arm balances, after which came a nice Seated Forward Fold.

When change comes around, it can be hard to deal with. That’s why I was particularly intrigued to try Adriene Mishler’s Yoga For Transitions video uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 29, just in time for the new year. Adriene has released a yoga flow for writers specifically, others for healing stress (I absolutely melted into the poses that used pillows in this one), and a neck and shoulders sequence that always manages to help my sinus pressure ease up. The list goes on, but her flow for transitioning into the new year – and any kind of change for that matter – energized my limbs and gave me renewed fire to tackle what’s to come.

The harder bits of the yoga flow were reminders that the impending year may bring challenges, but we can choose how to approach and handle them. And, through difficulty – whether that’s a new yoga pose or a roadblock in life – there will always be a sense of calm afterward, a time to relax and be still. At the end, Adriene also offered this fill-in-the-blank statement: “I choose . . .” It could be as simple as “I choose to be the best version of myself.”

Lastly, Adriene noted, “Sometimes things get uncomfortable before they transition, before blossoming, before change. Can we remember to trust the process, to trust the struggle?” The whole flow made me excited to set intentions for the road ahead, but it also reminded me how important periods of rest are. I definitely see myself following along to this video a lot this year. Are you in?

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