Kim Kardashian’s New Size-Inclusive “Solutionwear” Line Is Here

The collection will include traditional shaping briefs, bras, slips, and bodysuits, as well as unique designs like one-leg shorts meant to be worn under dresses with slits. Hence the name “solutionwear.”

For years, Kardashain found herself cutting and customizing her shapewear to fit her needs, still never satisfied with the result.

Shapewear seems like a natural venture for Kim Kardashian, who is widely known for her famous figure. So when she announced that she was designing a line of solution-focused shapewear, or what she calls “solutionwear,” it quickly became one of the most highly anticipated (and controversial) Kardashian brands to date. Well, the wait is officially over: SKIMS launched today and is available for purchase online.

“I would create my own shapewear all the time to be my solutions for things. I feel like I’ve been designing shapewear for 15 years,” Kardashian told People. “When I would wear a gown or skirt with a slit, I would cut one leg off, but it would roll up. I still needed support everywhere else, and I never felt like I was getting that.”

Comfort is also key. “I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t wear shapewear because they’ve felt too claustrophobic or restricted in it, but those people love SKIMS,” Kardashian said. Each silhouette is designed to smooth, lift or sculpt and comes in three tensions depending on the level of support you want.

You can shop by solution (tummy, butt, waist, or thighs) or choose from one of four collections: The Seamless Sculpt includes seamless bodysuits, bras, and high-waisted briefs; The Core Control collection has mid-waist briefs, mid-thigh shorts, and a thong, all with reinforced waistbands and stitching that snatches and smooths; The Sheer Sculpt collection is the lightest level of compression; and the Contour Bonded collection offers the strongest level of support.

In addition to the supportive, seamless silhouettes, the company is also prioritizing inclusivity. SKIMS is available in sizes XXS to X4L (with some styles available in X5L). According to the brand, the goal is to make women feel like the most confident version of themselves and this means offering support for women of all sizes. The brand is also launching with nine different color options to better match women’s skin tones, with more shades coming as the brand expands.

This message is seen throughout the brand’s marketing materials, too, which feature unretouched images and videos of real women of different sizes, skin tones, and ages. “I’m so proud of the line,” Kardashian said of the launch. “I made things that haven’t really been made before.”

As of today, SKIMS is available for purchase online, with prices ranging from $18 to $98. Scroll through some of the new shapewear pieces below, then shop your favorites before they sell out (which will probably happen hella fast).

1 SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh ($68; skims.com)
2 SKIMS Solution Short ($42; skims.com)
3 SKIMS High-Waisted Core Control Thong ($24; skims.com)
4 SKIMS Slip (skims.com)
5 SKIMS Sculpting Bodysuit ($62; skims.com)

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