Self-hair is the hot new wellness trend that will give you the best locks of your life

As with our mind and body, when hair is neglected and labelled ‘low priority’, it ends up tired, fragile and lacking vibrancy. Sure, 6-week salon visits are handy for keeping hair in check, but only when we take full advantage of the pro services available *skims over conditioning and keratin treatments on the price list, aaand decides against it*.

Needless to say, our simple-yet-specific request for ‘just one inch off’ leaves locks in a pretty much identical state to when we stepped in.

We’ve all heard a little me-time can do wonders for our health and happiness, but what about our hair?

If you want to get the best out of your barnet, an occasional trim isn’t going to cut it (pardon the pun). Neither is a once in a blue moon hair mask, or an emergency spritz of heat protection spray when – and only when – strands start to look a tad frazzled. No, to really encourage that positive change in your locks, a little attention, time and focus are key.

Think of it as self-care for hair, or self-hair if you will. Daily tricks and switches that help hair shine brighter, and leave you glowing with confidence.

Work it

The scalp is where hair starts, so give it some love. If you shower in the morning, massage a scalp oil into your roots before bed – the nourishing overnight treatment will help combat signs of dryness, while massaging encourages circulation and blood-flow to our follicles, sparking healthy hair growth.

No nasties

Step away from the silicone, ammonia and alcohol and instead opt for hair products that promise to cleanse, colour, hydrate or protect with natural proteins and oils. You’ll be amazed at the difference this simple switch can make.

Inside out

Water, supplements and the right diet can all play their part in bringing the best out of your hair. For a simple guide, try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day, eat a diet rich in protein, iron and amino acids, and add a multivitamin with biotin and zinc into your routine.

Chill out

Setting aside regular time to relax does absolute wonders for our stress levels, along with our hair – tension and anxiety can cause our hair follicles to underperform. So, run a bath, wash away those worries, and why not add in a nourishing hair mask while you’re at it.

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