These are the 10 amazing multi-hyphenates to be inspired by

The climate crisis has been dominating pop cultural dialogue, and more than ever people want to be conscious of their impact. Whether this be giving back or going behind the camera to take control of the images we’re seeing in the media, we’ve rounded up those in the public sphere that are multitaskers we’re inspired by.

We’re in an age where the new agenda is giving a sh**. Making statements about societal, political and environmental issues is on everyone’s agenda right now and caring got seriously cool.


Fashion and Beauty Brand Owner, Musician, Philanthropist

Arguably the definition of a multi-hyphenate, Rihanna Robyn Fenty has a lot going on. She started out as a singer, and is now 8 studio albums deep into her music career. Alongside this, the Bajan singer created her charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation, in 2012 with the aims to help communities worldwide with healthcare, education amongst a whole host of other areas.

More recently, Rihanna has taken over the fashion game, firstly with her collaboration with River Island, then releasing her Fenty collection with Puma and finally releasing her own self-titled luxury fashion label, Fenty alongside her lingerie collection, Fenty x Savage. Her makeup line, Fenty Beauty has made a long-lasting impact providing a 40+ range of foundation shades and makeup more generally, making Rihanna one of the most inspirational founders and creatives out.

Emma Watson

Actor, Philanthropist

One third of the popular film trio in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson’s been a recognisable actress not only in the Harry Potter franchise, but more recently Beauty and the Beast’s remake. In 2014, Watson became a UN Women Goodwill ambassador, and has been an outspoken feminist since, championing for women’s rights and education.

Maisie Williams
Actress, founder of Daisie app

She’s been a part of the principal cast of the pop culture phenomenon, Game of Thrones for eight seasons as the beloved Arya Stark and her acting career is just getting started. As the show came to an end, the actress launched an app to help find people in the media industry, Daisie. Williams has used her knowledge and connections within the industry to create an app that allows an entryway to creating in the media industry.

Regina King
Director, Actor

Oscar winning actress Regina King garnered critical acclaim for her role in the 2018 film, If Beale Street Could Talk, with an acting career standing the test of time. More recently she’s been a TV and film producer and Director of shows including Issa Rae’s Insecure and Scandal, starring Kerry Washington.

Victoria Beckham
Fashion Designer, Beauty Creator

Formerly known as posh spice, one fifth of empowering girl group, Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has created a fashion empire. Beckham debuted her fashion line in 2008 and has been a mainstay in luxury fashion since. She has recently expanded the Victoria Beckham brand to cover beauty, and in late 2019 launched Victoria Beckham Beauty. She’s a recognisable name in fashion and now an emerging name in beauty.

Actress, Musician, Fashion Designer Figure

Originally known for her part in children’s TV show, Shake It Up, Zendaya is quickly becoming a household name. Playing roles in the latest generation of the Spider Man film franchise and leading role in the HBO series, Euphoria, Zendaya is a rising star. Her brand also carries weight in the fashion industry, firstly as one of the ones to watch every week for her fashion choices with stylist Law Roach, and now with her Tommy x Zendaya collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. While it’s true her fashion game is always high, Zendaya the singer has also been releasing music. The most recent collaboration has been with Labrinth in the song featured in the last episode of Euphoria, All For Us.

Grace Beverly
Influencer, Business Owner

The owner of a lifestyle fashion brand, Tala, workout bands B_ND and workout app, Shreddy, social media influencer Grace Beverly is the woman doing it all. She has utilised her platform as an influencer and created three businesses, all whilst studying at University. A hustler to the core, Grace is the inspiring, young entrepreneur energy that we need in our lives.

Jada Sezer
Model, Influencer

Having been in the modelling industry and experienced the division between different sizes of women, Jada Sezer has seen the body positivity rise first hand. Using her voice as a plus size model, she has continually posted content which uplifts and empowers women that inspire her. The images and words she chooses to put out, feeling good and content with the body you’re born with and up-keeping a healthy lifestyle is exemplary of a woman who is making waves on social media for the women and men that follow her.

Emily Syphas
Founder of Sober and Social

Emily Syphas is the pioneer behind, Sober Social; the new-age of socialising that provides fun, support and exciting, alcohol-free events at some of London’s premier venues for people living or exploring a teetotal lifestyle. In 2018, Emily started Sober Social with an aim to empower people to feel comfortable and confident socialising in social situations without alcohol by creating a sober community through sober events. Working with London’s hottest venues and brands, Sober Social hosts monthly events such as a sober day rave at The Ned to sober bar crawls with Seedlip Drinks, alongside sober sharing circles to provide a safe place for others to talk about their sobriety journeys. If this wasn’t enough she has day job heading up the nightlife division for the world’s largest concierge company. Making relationships with the trendiest bars, nightclubs and private members clubs making her one of the most connected people in London in the nightlife scene!

Yara Shahidi
Actor, Student

She rose to fame in the TV series Black-ish, and now the lead of the newly established Grown-ish, Yara Shahidi is now making a name for herself in film with her more recent leading role in The Sun Is Also A Star. Alongside her flourishing acting career, Shahidi is also studying at one of the most prestigious Universities in the world, Harvard. Acting on her passion of voter registration, the actress and student has also started a campaign to encourage young people to vote in eighteenx18.

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