The main feature of gin hidden in his formulation, as a compulsory component which will be juniper (coniferous shrub or tree in the cypress family Cupressaceae). By the way, useful properties of juniper are known to mankind since ancient times.

His classic recipe includes these mandatory ingredients water, alcohol and juniper.

Of course, do not hesitate some modern producers of gin and experiment. So, some do not regret for making this drink separate aromatic components, and others, generously diluted with spices (cardamomOhm, licorice, anise, cinnamon and others).

Be sure to note the fact that different manufacturers produce different gene of the fortress. That’s why at the time it was adopted the corresponding law that prohibits the name of gin drinks, the fortress which is below 37.5%. There is also a gin with a strength of more than 37,5% (46% and 55%), it is often add saffron which gives the drink a somewhat greenish hue.

Gin calorie content is 220 calories per 100 grams of product.

Composition and useful properties of gin

Now gin is made by distilling barley, rye, corn or wheat alcohol and contains many useful elements –zinc, copper, manganese, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium.

Gin can be used as a means for prevention of catarrhal diseases – it is sufficient to perform rubbing. If you mix a couple of tablespoons of gin with the juice of onions and honey – will be a very effective remedy for bronchitis. To consume it can be a teaspoon every three hours.

But in everyday life to abuse the consumption of gin is not worth it, yet it’s strong alcohol.

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