March 4, 2024

During sleep, you can solve problems and take revenge on the former lover

Trying not to think about the former lover? Do not be surprised if he appears at night with you in oriental attire, accompanied by hundreds of concubines. Every night we close our eyes and plunge into the full-length world of dreams.

It’s terrible to think what is going on in our subconscious – who and what is not here: those we love, and those we hate, those we think about and who we try to forget, objects of our dreams and fears. And unlike watching a regular film, you play three roles at once: the viewer, the actress and the director.

Films-dreams are distinguished by many-genres – dramas, comedies, detectives, and often horrors with elements of an action movie. The majority of the session lasts up to two hours per night.

So much time lasts the phase of fast sleep (REM-phase) in the average woman. It is in this phase that one can see the brightest, imaginative dreams that we tell our relatives or try to interpret ourselves.

How does this happen?

The brain starts working 70-90 minutes after you fall asleep. The body reacts as if you were drinking a double latte. Breathing becomes more frequent, the eyes begin to “run”, the heart rate increases. If you are not sleeping alone, your “neighbor” on the bed can rejoice that the muscles at this moment do not contract – otherwise you would play a role in your dream really, with movements.

Some say they do not remember their dreams. This does not mean that they do not see them. Scientists have found out that with rare exceptions dreams are seen by everyone. Therefore, if you are told: “And I never dream about …”, you know – this means one of two things: either the person simply does not remember them, or does not attach importance to them, considering them to be a chaotic game of imagination.

Dreams of men and women

In addition, experts have noticed that women remember their dreams better and talk about them more often than men. Nevertheless, men see exactly the same number of dreams as women, just women are more impressionable and pay more attention to their inner world, trying to decipher messages from their subconscious.

We must not forget that women are more attentive in their dreams – a sensitive sleep allows hearing the crying of a small child, later the return of a grown-up child or a request to help an elderly relative. However, frequent awakenings during the night allow you to return to the middle of the dream and continue browsing.

There is nothing surprising in that bad dreams are remembered better. Strong emotions make us tense, pay attention to what is happening in our dream – and what if this warning is about danger? At the same time often “dreams” are dreaming – they seem to reflect scenes from everyday life: you went to work, met an old friend, chatted, worked and went home. No warnings to you, no dangers to you – such dreams are usually quickly forgotten.

The public and dreams

It is worth it or not to share what you saw in a dream with other people – it’s your business. On the one hand, if you are serious about your dreams – you can get valuable advice-interpretation, and on the other – who knows your secret thoughts and feelings better than you?
In different cultures, dreams were of great importance in public affairs, in solving problems and even in politics.

The Tsuni Indians have a custom – to talk about bad dreams to other people (good dreams sometimes hide even from the closest relatives). In the Quishe tribe (Guatemala) it is common to disclose all dreams – both good and bad, and “sleepy stories” are told in detail. Australian aborigines also do not hide from each other what they see in a dream – it is customary to talk about dreams, and this must be done before the next sunrise. The tribesmen help each other understand the hidden meaning inherent in the dream.

For those who do not believe in dreams, but adhere to scientifically proven facts, experts conducted studies, the results of which confirmed the connection between the real world and the world of dreams.

If you had a hard day or tense moments during the day, at the beginning of the night you are likely to see not very pleasant dreams, but by the end of the night the content of dreams can please. Alas, people who are depressed, everything is exactly the opposite. Therefore, unlike their cheerful brethren, it gets worse in the morning.

Hormones are important

There is another proven regularity – the level of hormones can affect the number of dreams and their content. The most dreams are seen by teenagers and pregnant women. And throughout the entire pregnancy the content of dreams varies.

In the early days, women in the state often have dreams related to the reaction of others to their pregnancy. At the same time, you can often see dreams related to water and aquatic life. Many women tell how in a dream they swim or see themselves as fish. In the second trimester of pregnancy you can see pretty young animals. And on the last terms the participants in dreams are not only children born, but also dangerous animals. Throughout pregnancy, the “sleepy” architecture also changes – small houses in the first trimester turn into skyscrapers in the third. So, experts say, is getting used to the increase in the size of the fetus.

In addition, preparations for childbirth are taking place – often disturbing dreams associated with childbirth. This is completely normal. The author of one foreign study says that the more anxious dreams will be during pregnancy – the easier it will be to give birth. Allegedly, training in a dream will do its job. The statement is very controversial, but a woman in position can reassure.

I dare to suggest that learning to remember dreams is easier than learning how to give birth.

How to remember a dream?

If you like to study your dreams – know that memory for dreams can be developed.
You can try to put a notebook and a pen next to the bed, and, waking up, record your dream. But do not rush – lie still a minute with your eyes closed, scroll the record with what you saw back.

Begin to develop memory for dreams from the day off. The fact is that dreams are better remembered when you wake up not from the alarm clock, but in a natural way – most likely you will wake up in a phase of fast sleep, then you can even remember what Brad Peet whispered in your ear, and what he was at the same time dressed. Do not underestimate the power of autosuggestion: falling asleep, tell yourself: “Today I will remember my dream. ”

There is an opinion about the relationship between sleep and the position that you take when you go to bed. Tip for the fans of dreams – if you went to sleep on your right side, and woke up on the left in the morning and can not remember your dream, it is recommended to lie down gently on your right barrel and wait until you remember a dream. They say it works, despite the seeming absurdity.

Solving problems

American psychologists have found out that in a dream you can solve problems. The fact is that when a person starts to sleep, he becomes extremely suggestible. Therefore, just before bedtime, think about what you care about. It is better if within the range of visibility there is an object personifying your question. It is assumed that next morning you look at this thing and – the solution here as here.

You need to start with something insignificant – for example, how to place a large chair in a crowded room – think about this before going to bed, and, according to the psychologists, the solution to the problem will certainly be a dream for a week. However, there is one “but”. Psychologists honestly admit – the more difficult the task you ask yourself, the less likely that you will find a successful solution in a dream.

If you woke up at the most interesting place, and you can not wait to see the dream, you can try to recreate the REM-phase. It’s very simple – lie still without moving. During the fast sleep phase, the muscles are literally paralyzed. At this time you can think about your dream, to suggest what will happen next.

So if you wake up just the time when your former hostess appears with a crowd of concubines, lie quietly and think what you will do with him when you fall asleep.

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