Dunkin’ Donuts Just Introduced Donut Fries

HAPPY FRYDAY. Dunkin’ Donuts is testing out a sugary, delicious snack called Donut Fries, and I don’t think we’ve been this excited since Red Lobster started rolling out fried lobster and waffles at brunch. The tasty-looking new snack will cost you just $2–but there’s a catch.

Right now the Massachusets-based brand is testing out the sweet treat so it’s only available in the Boston area, (although judging by the social media response of excited fans, it’s safe to say they’re being well-received).

The new indulgence is part of a $2 snacking menu, called the “Gotta-Have $2 Snacks” that’s being sampled at a number of Boston locations and includes the cinnamon-sugar covered treat. For $1.99 you can score five of the fries, which comes in their very own little fry box.

While the donut fries are all the talk on social media, other menu options include gluten-free fudge brownies, ham and cheese rollups, pretzel bites with honey mustard sauce, warm cookies, waffle-bread chicken tenders, and munchkins that come complete with dipping sauces.

Although the Donut Fries are starting to go viral, Instagram user jaycally pointed out that the Bristol, RI location of the chain has been selling the new snack for over five weeks.

If you’re already in the Boston area, (or so excited by the new menu addition you’re planning a road trip to try them out for yourself), Boston.com reports that they’re currently available at the following locations:

Dunkin’ Donuts at 265 Franklin St. in Boston, Massachusetts

Dunkin’ Donuts at 100 Harborside Drive, (near Logan Airport)

The new Dunkin’ Donuts concept store at 588 Washington St. in Quincy, Massachusetts

Given the positive response, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the delectable snack menu debuts at a Dunkin’ near you.

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