Drop the gloves & take out yer wallet!

The sun is starting to shine, the snow is melting away and daily highs no longer start with “negative”. As accustomed as we Canucks are to the frigid cold of Canadian winters, spring is long overdue, and I for one am ready to put down the PlayStation controller, hang up the parka, and come out of hibernation.

The great outdoors are calling and we have your answer.

Welcome to Drop the gloves take out your wallet, eh?: Get outside edition.

Firebiner 5-in-1 Multi-Tool and Fire Starter

This clip-on multi-tool is essential if you want to make your life easier when you’re out in the bush. Not only can you use it to clip things together, it also has a fire starter, a screwdriver, a blade, hang slots, and a bottle opener. What else do you need? Bring this along with you on your next adventure and go make mother nature your bitch.

Gigantic Beach Ball

You know the saying “go big or go home”? This beach ball takes that literally. It’s 9 feet in diameter and will crush your next party or family outing – sorry, crush at. Made from a durable and thick plastic, this enormous inflatable ball can take quite a beating, so you can kick, toss, punch, roll, and jump on it all you want. And if you’re thinking this is just too big, you’re right! It’s HUGE! And it’s amazing! But if you really want, it comes in 5 feet as well.

Unigear Dry Bag and Waterproof Phone Pouch

(62% off)Keep all your things clean and dry with this lightweight and durable floating waterproof bag, ideal for things like kayaking, fishing, camping, or motorcycle riding. It’s available in 2L-40L sizes and multiple colours, and even comes with a touch-friendly phone pouch that can also be used for your wallet or cash. Trust me, you won’t know you need this until your cell phone is resting peacefully at the bottom of a lake.

Flashing LED Dog Safety Collar and Leash

(83% off)Thankfully, the days of taking your doggo outside for a bathroom break in the middle of an ice storm are over. However, now that the days are getting longer, you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible, and that means it might get a little dark by the time you and your furry buddy are ready to come inside. This LED collar and leash is perfect for keeping an eye on your best pal while at the park, camping, or whatever else. Pair it with a glow in the dark ball, and you’ve got hours of trippy entertainment. We’ve seen it in action, and frankly, it’s a fantastic idea.

Inflatable Outdoor Camping Mat

Water and tear resistant, this bad boy is easy to blow up and comes with its own pillow attached to it. Not only that, it’s incredibly comfortable and easy to carry around. Next time you’re camping, forget about the rocks up your ass.

Cycling Light Balls

Heading out for a night ride? Are you a dude? Would you rather not get in an accident because people couldn’t see you? These balls are for you. Hang ’em on the back of your seat and let ’em dangle to keep your ass safe while you cruise the streets like the Dark Knight. They’re waterproof and come in 3 different colours – take your pick!

Bill Murray Golf Towel

Living in Canada, it feels like forever since golf season ended. Luckily though, it’s finally time to dust of the ol’ golf bag and get yourself prepared to hit the course this year. Enter Bill F*ucking Murray! This 100% cotton golf towel, embroidered with the legend himself, includes a grommet for hanging and is perfect for cleaning your clubs so you can stick those greens, or at least look awesome trying to. Ahh… we can hear the sound of cold ones being cracked open already.

Hideout Pack and Dopp Kit

Finding the perfect travel/hiking/camping bag is tough. You want something good looking and stylish, super-tough and with enough storage for all your stuff, without being too bulky. Look no further. Designed for life, this bag has a 24-litre compartment with a split front zipper so you can get to the stuff at the bottom without unpacking it all. There’s also a laptop sleeve inside, and a Dopp Kit made of ballistic nylon with a waterproof PVC base. This bag will take anything you can throw at it and shout back “that all you got?”

Zootility Multi-Tool Wallet Knife

Unless you were a boy scout as a kid, or are some sort of insane survivalist, you generally don’t walk around every day with a ton of multi-tools at your disposal. Here’s where this handy gadget comes into play. Made of heat-treated stainless steel, this guy comes with six functions: a locking blade, serrated edge, 2x slotted screwdriver, ruler, wolf-shaped bottle opener, and prybar. The knife is also removable for TSA compliance so you can fly without fear. Impress your dad, make the ladies swoon, and have your buddies envy you… Probably.

Unigear Tactical Hydration Backpack

(37% off)Lightweight and damn-near bear-proof, this bag comes with a 2.5 L bladder in which you can pour yourself some water, wine, beer, and whatever else you so wish to be sipping on while you’re out and about exploring the great outdoors!

Inflatable Air Fort

Remember the good old days, spending hours making blanket forts out in the yard only to have your parents make you take it all down? We’ve got something so much better, an inflatable air fort for grownups (and kids too, I guess). All you need is a box or tabletop fan to inflate the fort in seconds. Now you’ll have your very own igloo-shaped structure over 6 feet long to have some secret drinks in, have a special someone over for a sleepover, bring to the office to avoid the boss, or just camp out in the yard and avoid getting wet from all the spring showers.

Unigear Double Camping Hammock

(30% off)This compact and lightweight hammock is made from 210T parachute nylon, comes with adjustable heavy duty tree straps, solid steel carabiners, and is big enough to fit two people. We’ll just leave it up to your imagination to figure out what to do with it, but whenever you’re done, it all packs back into one neat little bag.

Cut Resistant Gloves

(65% off)A must-have for any outdoorsman, these cut resistant gloves will save you a ton of unwanted pain. Made of stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester and an elastic chemical fibre, they provide excellent protection while still being completely flexible and breathable. They’re even washable just like normal gloves. Accidents happen, and I don’t know about you but I’d like to keep my fingers where they are.

Angry Little Garden Gnome

Say hello to my little friend. Now you can show your neighbours how serious you take gardening with this Tommy gun-toting lawn gnome, featuring the famous Scarface quote on its stone perch. Nothing screams “beat it squirrel!” more than a pissed of gnome packing heat.

Hickies 2.0 Never Tie Laces

Now that the weather’s warming up, there are trails to be jogged, pick-up games to be played and the wealth of outdoors to be explored. For me, when I decide I’m going for a workout, if it takes to long to find my shit, pick the perfect playlist and tie my laces, I’m not going. Forget that! Well with these laces, your shoes are already tied and they just slide right on. They work with all sorts of shoes and come in a ton of colours too. It might seem simple, but they’re a game changer. Worst case, it’s a good conversation starter with the hot blonde on the elliptical.

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