Drinking girls scare men expecting a serious relationship

Feminist moods lead women not only to high positions, but also to desire to fight like a washerwoman, corresponding to the image of a striking young man. 

However, the desire not to give up in the number of men drunk does not have the proper effect on the opposite sex, unless your drinking companion wants to take advantage of the momentary moment. For a more mature relationship, he chooses another.

 What is the difference between the effect of alcohol on men and women and whether women’s love of alcohol is really hard to cure, the correspondent of SHE explained.

Female Start

The female brain more often works the left hemisphere, the male – the right one. Because of this, the effect of alcohol is more on the left or right hemisphere, hence all the effects. “A woman is more verbal, attuned to relationships, so when alcohol is abused, it is primarily her relationship with others that are falling apart. The left hemisphere is responsible for time, and the right one for space. Therefore, women quickly lose the ability to navigate in today’s time and sink on past failures, anxiously awaiting the future, which the sleeping men in principle do not feel, “- says Igor Everest, psychotherapist of the single register of professional psychotherapists in Europe,” Insight “clinic.

With the same experience of drinking alcohol in women, degradation occurs twice as fast. To enter into the phase of physical dependence a woman needs about 8 years of alcohol abuse, a man – 13-14.

“Men are most often used for some purpose. They are very logical and, as a rule, even if they do something bad, they can always explain the reasons carefully. Women can not be hooked by logic, they do not understand the reasons for the start, that’s why female alcoholism is very difficult to treat.

Asocial factor is also not included, in addition, women are less critical. Showing a hysterical reaction and even understanding the reasons, she will not question her inadequate behavior and will continue to scandal “, – Stanislav Grahovsky, a psychiatrist-psychotherapist of the highest category, director of the medical center” Orient-lux “, is sure.

According to narcologists, the ratio of women and men who seek medical help is approximately equivalent, although men are most often brought by women and require radical methods – to encode. “And the men are sitting, they are silent and do not say anything. Women are more inclined to dialogue, although they always go from afar and do not want to admit to serious problems with alcohol, “says Stanislav Grahovsky.

Facilitates understanding

“Day by day is not necessary, but still girls prefer light and sweet drinks – martini and wine, the most popular of the cocktails” Mojito “and” Blue Lagoon “, – shares the observations of the deputy director of the club” Rock City “Lyudmila Moshkina. According to her, women who drank heavily no less than men, usually one day a day, when people have to be taken out of the club.

In a state of alcohol intoxication, it is easier for people to communicate or get acquainted at a party, but this is a short-term effect, and the causes of problems with communication need to be addressed in other ways, drug experts believe. Alcohol facilitates the process of communication only to people with complexes. The removal of psychological barriers to alcohol is good only for the current situation: here and now.

The attitude of a man to a drinking woman can be normal only in one case – if he needs to lose self-control. If you are applying for a serious relationship, you should not abuse alcohol. 

“When a man sees that the creature that evokes in him not only erotic experiences, but also appears in the image of the mother of future children, uses alcohol, he is unconsciously frightened, and his ideals of female mother, sister, girlfriend crumble. He is afraid of this and therefore a priori adjusted so as to avoid this – either he ceases to communicate with a person or condemns, “says Igor Everest.

“The man demonstrates his status through his second half as well. Therefore, if he positions himself as sober, the drunken wife will only dishonor him, “Stanislav Grahovsky adds.

Let’s go have a smoke

The reasons for abuse of alcohol, as a rule, is the inability to relax or the lack of events in life. “Each alcoholic drink contains a dose of” spiritus ethylicus, “that is, a dose of ethyl alcohol, which affects the brain, causing effects that a person wants to see and feel in himself. That is, he launches a self-fulfilling prophecy – what a person wants from alcohol, he first gets, – says Igor Everest. – If he saw a little that alcohol was relaxing, then he and he will relax. If he saw that he was stirring up and people were doing things for which he was then ashamed, then with a high degree of probability this person’s alcohol will cause the same effects. This applies to normal people who abuse alcohol, not alcoholics, who are already in serious condition. ”

“If a woman has everything right with energy and status, she does not need alcohol. It easily changes its states, emotions, and external factors are absolutely unnecessary. In addition, there is always an association “once a drink – it means, and …”. 

It is enough for a woman to take one step towards addiction in order to get the rest of the description. This applies not only to alcohol. And no matter who said that to go out with men to smoke – it’s normal and natural, by doing this, you will fall into the same category with addiction, “- emphasizes Stanislav Grahovsky.

The easiest way to combat the desire to drink is to eat. “When a person eats, he also changes self-esteem and self-esteem, other desires disappear. Therefore, I recommend before eating a plate of pelmeni. Drinking after this is difficult, – says Stanislav Grahovsky. – You can before drinking a beer to swallow air – unpleasant sensations from the subsequent acceptance of alcohol will be guaranteed. A person gets more satisfaction not from the uncontrolled state of intoxication, but from what can control himself. If it is high-grade, it does not need alcohol. “

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