Drew Barrymore Talking About Getting Revenge on an Ex Will Make You Do a Serious Evil Laugh

The 43-year-old actress recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she talked about meeting Princess Diana as a child, life as a zombie on her Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet, and how she spray painted an ex-boyfriend’s car back in the ’90s. We’re not exactly sure what the ex did to be worthy of such punishment, but we’re probably right in assuming it was bad.

If you’re looking for a way to get revenge on an ex, just ask Drew Barrymore.

“We felt so baller,” Drew told Jimmy, explaining that she and a friend didn’t write things like “d*ck,” they ingeniously went for a paint job that would not make them suspects. “And then he called me crying like a little b*tch,” she said, as we immediately tried to figure out which of Drew’s ex-boyfriends it could be. Watch the hilarious clip above and prepare to laugh over what they spray painted on the car (even if she did just expose herself for doing it). Because no one messes with Drew!

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