WFH wellbeing being than a tracksuit ever could

Putting on something evening appropriate once you clock off from the home office will help your brain to move into relaxation mode, rather than the adrenalin-fuelled state you’ve been serving during back-to-back Zoom calls.

If you’re lounging around in loungewear you could also find it harder to get things done. Your brain associates nightwear and loungewear clothes with sleep and relaxation. If that’s what you’re wearing, your brain will instantly put your body into bedtime mode, which doesn’t really help when your boss is asking for that report that’s due …

If you’re currently lounging around in a tracksuit (even if it IS a cashmere, tie-dye one) it might not necessarily be making you feel any better during lockdown. Changing out of your PJs to “Real Clothes” is a definite mood lifter and taking it one step further to dress up like you’re going “Out Out” (imagine!) can be an even bigger brain boost.

When your sofa has become your office, date night destination, beauty salon and restaurant, having boundaries to separate your work and downtime can make a big difference.

#DressUpFriday is the call to action that your wardrobe and wellbeing needs to get out of the fashion funk that lockdown has left us – and our wardrobes – in. With over 16,000 posts of fancy ‘fits on Instagram since Lucy Walsh @_dressupfriday started challenging the insta-community to don their finest on March 19th, it’s a call to action to get your fanciest pieces out of your wardrobe and make Friday the most fun day of the week – fashion-wise.

“Scores of women messaged me to say “thank you,” Lucy told GLAMOUR. “Many had been feeling really down and #DressUpFriday really lifted their mood. Choosing a nice outfit makes me feel slightly more normal in this abnormal situation and getting dressed up on a Friday is my version of self care.”

We are always up for some self-care but dressing up can also be seen as a sustainable fashion habit. Lockdown is the ideal time to clock up the number of outings for the 30 Wears Challenge and ensure that all of your clothes end up being worn (not just the 20% we wear 80% of the time.) While you might not want to wear a ballgown to sit down to your pasta for one, a cute dress will be an upgrade from your WFH lockdown wardrobe and it will make you feel brighter.

Art Director Zeena Shah @heartzeena is a fan of the hashtag. “I love the power of the Instagram community. There’s something really wonderful about making friends through challenges and coming together to give each other a little boost as well as celebrating the forgotten treasures in our wardrobes.”

“Dressing up makes me feel confident and ready for anything,” Zeena adds. “If you look great and feel great you have a much more positive day ahead of you.”

We always knew Friday was the best day of the week.

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