June 19, 2024

Dressing tables make getting ready an absolute breeze

Getting ready for anything – be it a day at the office, a night out, a bottomless brunch with the girls – requires a calm environment where everything you could possibly need is right there in front of you.

There’s no heartache like discovering the item you want while doing your hair or makeup is in the other room. That’s why investing in a dressing table is an absolute must.

While a slapdash application of beauty products on the train to work is acceptable every once in a while, it needn’t be a frequent occurrence. Having spent *a lot* of time at home up until recently, we’re all much more aware of our interiors – so taking the time to enjoy our daily routines by making them a whole lot easier is the obvious thing to do, if you haven’t already.

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By its very nature, a vanity table renders the need of makeup bags (which can sometimes be as helpful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to finding anything) redundant. A glamorous piece of furniture to own, granted, but also a super functional one, dressing tables give you swift access to your belongings and store everything in a neat fashion. What more could you want?

It goes without saying that no dressing table is complete without a mirror, some even come with them. Whether you prefer a chic and slim style or full-on light up Hollywood situation, consider the wall space as well as the floor area of where you intend to set up shop. If you’re short on places to put it, it might be wise to use your fold away office desk as a vanity by hanging a mirror above it and using your office chair as your perch. Add a cosy bedroom rug beneath, some handy makeup storage and perhaps a vase of dried flowers and it’ll rival the ones you find in the best hotels.

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Apart from the size and placement of a dressing table, how you want it to function is also something to think about. Are you the sort of person who prefers to have everything tidied away? Perhaps a design with drawers like this John Lewis Anyday Wilton Dressing Table would suit. If you like to have all your nicknacks (like perfumes, candles and skincare) out on display then you might want something with a lot of desk space like the Tandy Dressing Table from Made. com. Otherwise, if you’re just looking for something small and sweet to pop in a corner then opt for Habitat’s Wilderness design – it even comes with a matching stool.

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