Drawing on Eyebrows Is a Serious Art Form, and This 3-in-1 Wand Is the Only Thing I Trust

If my eyebrows had a relationship status, it would definitely be complicated. In fact, filling them in is the hardest and most time-consuming task in my makeup routine.

My hair is superfine, light, and blonde – brows included. Not only have they always been sparse, but in the early 2000s, as one does, I plucked them all off thinking that I was Kate Moss. Huge regret. I’ve had one hell of a time growing them back. Very rarely do I ever leave my house without drawing them on first.

In my past 15 eyebrow-less years, they’ve seen the likes of every product under the sun. I have a few that I keep at the top of my list, but nothing has ever fulfilled my wishes. I always found myself mixing one pen with another pencil, then using a clear gel with a little colored gel. It was too much, and I was sick of it.

As an editor at POPSUGAR, I was lucky enough to get a preview of our new beauty collection early. After one quick glance, I knew there was one product I needed: the Beauty by POPSUGAR Triple Play 3-in-1 Brow ($23). What drew me to it was the fact that it’s not your run-of-the-mill pencil. It also features a clear gel and a highlighter stick (WOW) all in one! The miracle wand is currently available in one universal shade, but that isn’t an issue for me. The hue works on me even though my hair is light. It also works on my sister, who has dark brown brows. I know because she is constantly stealing it from me.

The second I swiped it on, I was sold. Its easy-to-apply applicator has a square-like shape with ultrathin corners that fills every nook and cranny. My favorite feature: it’s perfect for multitasking! While using it, I am able to switch back and fourth between the applicator tip and the clear gel, which helps shape my hairs and keep them in place while continuing to fill them out. In the past, I would have to switch between several different products to get this effect.

After finishing my arches, I apply my favorite Beauty by POPSUGAR Make Waves Liquid Metallic Eye Shadow ($23) in Never Settle and the Beauty by POPSUGAR Thick + Thin Mascara ($25), which also features two handy wands. Then I return to the brow wand for the highlighter. I apply it under my brow line, right in the corner of my eyes, and even spread some on my cheek and nose.

My bag used to be filled with an array of items, and now I can throw them all out for this vegan and cruelty-free stick. If you can relate to never going anywhere without a solid brow, this one is totally worth a try and will save you some space in your makeup bag!

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