Dosed starvation will allow the fall to bloom just as in spring

The summer is over, sad as it may seem. Outside the window, nature tries to prove that all the weather is good, but we do not believe. Most of all you want to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, sit by the fire (at least electric), take a good book, a cup of hot chocolate and push the dish with ginger biscuits closer. 

Or with cinnamon rolls. By and large, there is no difference – and then, and another, and the third in the near future will make itself felt by extra centimeters at the waist and remorse.

Or maybe try this fall to do the opposite? Do not get sick, do not mope, do not lean on dessert, but strike the people around with the gleam of the eyes, blooming in appearance and not at all with the autumn energy? Then it makes sense to you to seriously think about the medical starvation or, more correctly, of the unloading-dietary therapy. Treatment with famine is known since ancient times. It was practiced by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

He was prescribed by all the famous Hippocrates. What happens in the body while doing this? First, there is a transition to internal nutrition: the use of accumulated reserves begins. Modern people consume more food than is required, and this excess is deposited on the waist, abdomen, back.

We are not able to utilize all incoming food. Another problem – the body accumulates toxins, toxic products of metabolism. There are many reasons for this: malnutrition, illnesses, medicines, smoking. As a result, we have what we have – a lot of health problems. Dirty skin, dull hair, overweight, increased blood pressure, joint pain, stones in the kidneys and liver – all this and much more result from the action of toxins, slags.

But on the fire of starvation all accumulated reserves and toxins, damaged tissues, abnormal cells are burned. That is why, after a fasting course, polyps, scars and scars disappear. Bends the putrefactive intestinal microflora. The hormone is activated, which removes the attraction to nicotine. Treatment of starvation is called an operation without a knife, an operation that is beyond the power of the most skilled surgeon. After all, this operation keeps healthy and eliminates the patient. After the cessation of starvation, young, healthy cells replace the sick and the old. It would seem that everything is simple – and you can start fasting right now, closing the refrigerator denser? No. Only starvation tangible effect will not give, it should be used only in a complex.

Moreover, you can face serious complications due to the release of toxins or the intake of unsuitable food after fasting. For example, do you know that even after a short starvation cottage cheese is a poison? Only an expert can not only determine the timing of starvation, but also correctly deduce from it.

Where can I find such specialists? An excellent example of the right approach is the medical center “Effect”, engaged in the cleansing of the body on the basis of dosed starvation. Ten days – this is how long a special purification program lasts. There are two conditions: this program is appointed only after a thorough assessment of the state of health and is carried out only in a hospital under the round-the-clock supervision of trained medical personnel. This is the secret of the “Effect” – the effect that thousands of patients felt on themselves. Short-term medical starvation based on phytotherapy can achieve positive results and avoid the dangers of complete starvation. The original ten-day program includes specially selected methods, each of which reinforces each other. This approach makes treatment comfortable and safe.

Are you afraid of a painful sense of hunger? In vain. The program allows you to create an energy reserve – so none of the functions of the body will not be violated. Cleaning the salivary glands, liver, gastrointestinal tract, sauna, aromaphytochka facilitate the elimination of toxins. Circular shower, massage and physiotherapy help the skin to tone up after the inevitable weight loss (weight loss in 10 days of the program reaches 10 kg), and in themselves cause a decrease in volume.

In addition to mandatory procedures there are additional. You can visit cryosauna – an excellent remedy for overweight, cellulite and skin diseases. Or try ozonotherapy – a new method to combat aging. You will be able to evaluate the unique oxygen procedures that will help to remove toxins and burn the accumulated fat in record time.

The time of stay in the hospital can be used to visit a cosmetologist – after all, cosmetic procedures will be most effective when purification comes from within. All the time you stay in the hospital you will be under the supervision of attentive specialists. They will support you at every stage, help to bypass all the pitfalls. All temporary difficulties are more than offset by the magnificent result of the program, a sense of lightness, youth, energy. You have completed the treatment, but this is not all – you will be given written recommendations on food behavior for the future. Doctors of the center track the fate of their patients, and you can always get a qualified consultation. What’s next? Accept compliments from friends and acquaintances. The effect is!

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