May 25, 2024

Doja Cat has just shared on Instagram stories the most epic 90s beauty meets grunge girl core

Doja Cat’s beauty looks have never been anything to overlook. This chart-topping artist is known not only for her catchy tunes, clever double-entendre rap lyrics but also for her unique sense of beauty and style.

Think of something outlandish, add in some chaos, then throw in some false lashes for facial hair and you got yourself a Doja Cat Paris fashion week beauty look. However, sometimes, (not often, but sometimes), Doja will give us something out of this world that is still wearable, fun and a nod to the best beauty moments ever, unlocking some fun trends straight from a 90s beauty Pandora’s box.

With thin brows, thick brown lip liner, and a spiky sky-high voluminous ponytail, styled with strip bangs, featuring a blonde money piece with ash blonde highlights weaved into choppy dark hair, name us something more 90s chic than that? This daring look combines classic 90s beauty trends with edgy grunge, e-girl elements that are making a great case for the trend. Let’s unpack it all because we’re spinning.

It’s safe to say that the hair is main event (no pun intended). Blonde money pieces with dark hair have been making a real comeback and were majorly popular back in 2021. For that full punk effect, Doja’s hair has very neutral to cool toned hues. The blonde money piece — which sits as a section of blonde hair framing the face — adds a pop of colour and contrast against her dark haired wig, drawing attention to the face. This is a money piece even Ginger Spice would be proud of.

Meanwhile, the spikey and voluminous ponytail styled with the strip bangs (the two strips of hair falling evenly at either side of the face) adds a playful and edgy element to her look, perfectly complimenting her grunge girl era. It’s givin’ Shigo meets Lizzie McGuire in her alternative villain era.

Doja Cat has just shared on Instagram stories the most epic 90s beauty meets grunge girl core

Then here comes the skinny brows which seem to be creepin’ back into trend. We’re not saying pluck your brows into nothingness (in fact, please don’t do this, as we do not want to be responsible for any regretful beauty decisions), we’re just saying that Doja is making a great case for them. However, if you like the look of hers as much as we do, you can safely just style them razor thin by using the old age concealer trick.

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