July 20, 2024

Does Tinder Notify your Contacts When you Sign Up?

TechJunkie covers dating apps quite a bit and for good reason. With millions of users all vying for attention, you have to know what you’re doing to have any success whatsoever.

With some of that success under our belts, we think it’s only fair that we help Tinder newbies get started. One common question we come up against is around data sharing between Facebook, your phone and Tinder. More specifically, does Tinder notify your contacts when you sign-up?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a dating app but many of us want to keep the two sides of our life completely separate. That may be because we already have a significant other or just because we want to keep friends and lovers separate.

Whatever your reasons, you’re not alone in wanting to segregate friends and your love life.

As Tinder uses your Facebook account to gather information and develop your profile, a key concern is your Tinder activity getting back to your Facebook friends. Or, using Tinder on your phone, will your phone contacts be alerted to your Tinder membership or activity?

Does Tinder notify your contacts?

Tinder collects data to create your dating profile but it does not share it outside of Tinder. If you use your real Facebook account instead of a specially created one, Tinder will not post on it, advertise you’re a member or do anything on your page at all. It’s a taker not a giver.

The reasons are logical. Tinder wants to attract as many users as possible and telling all your Facebook friends that you’re using a dating app is not the way to do that. Regardless of whether you’re cheating, experimenting or just playing the field, Tinder does not share your activity with anyone. The only people who will know you’re on Tinder are those who are also on Tinder and anyone you tell.

The same goes for your phone contacts. Tinder does not harvest your contacts list and send a message telling everyone you use Tinder. It makes no sense to do that as people would never use the app.

If you’re still concerned, you can now use Tinder without connecting it to Facebook. A recent update now allows you to use a phone number to verify your account. Given the way Facebook treats personal data, many people understandably wants nothing to do with the social network anymore. Tinder has reacted to this change in attitude by adding the option to set up an account without Facebook.

Use Tinder without Facebook

The close ties between Facebook and Tinder was never very popular but for a while was the only way to use the app. Tinder would search your Facebook profile for images and would use the latest ones in your profile. You did have some control over what images were used but you always have to be mindful of what images you posted on Facebook just in case Tinder picked them up too.

Plus, with Cambridge Analytica and other data sharing exploits, it became very apparent that Facebook shared a whole lot more personal data than we originally thought.

Here’s how to use Tinder without Facebook:

  1. Navigate to the Tinder website.
  2. Select Log in with phone number.
  3. Add your phone number into the box and select Next.
  4. An SMS code will be sent to your phone. Enter it into the box on the screen then hit Continue.
  5. Complete the profile form that follows.

The downside to using the phone method over Facebook is that you have to create your profile manually. The advantage of using the phone method is that you can create your profile manually. You can also add your own images and have full control over your dating profile. This means a little more work on your part but also means you have full control and fewer concerns over data sharing between Tinder and Facebook.

Creating your Tinder profile

While it is exciting to set up a Tinder profile and get swiping, it pays to be patient. Get your profile right and get hold of some great quality images before you make your profile live. Read guides on successful profiles and tips on writing your own. Use top quality images and get some taken if you don’t have any. Tinder is all about the looks so you must show yourself at your very best to even get a look in. Remember to always have a puppy pic too!

The more time and effort you put into your Tinder profile the higher your chances of success. If you have someone you trust, have them check everything over before you publish your profile. It never hurts to have a second opinion!

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