July 22, 2024

Does Snapchat Restore Streaks?

If Snapchat is a significant part of your everyday routine, you may be maintaining several streaks at the same time. Also see our article How To Use Snapchat Memories(delete and save)

You start a Snapchat streak, or Snapstreak, when you exchange Snaps with a friend at least once a day for over three days in a row.

To keep your streak going, you and your friend have to exchange Snaps at least once every 24 hours. Snapstreaks usually start by accident, but many Snapchat users maintain their streaks intentionally. Some have streaks that are hundreds of days long.

If you and your friend have maintained a streak for months or years, losing it can be devastating. But Snapchat will let you restore your streak under particular circumstances. Here’s a look at how you can get your streak back, and what you need to know about Snapstreaks in general.

Questions You Might Have About Streaks

First, you need to know how to avoid breaking your streak by accident. So let’s clarify a few things about Snapstreaks.

How Do You Recognize a Snapstreak?

If you see a fire emoji next to some of your Snapchat friends’ names, it means that you have established a streak with the friend in question. In other words, you exchanged Snaps with your friend at least once a day for three consecutive days.

Next, to the fire emoji, you can also see how many days the streak has continued so far.

How Do You Know Your Streak Is Running Out?

Snapchat will notify you if you and the friend you have a streak with haven’t exchanged Snaps for nearly 24 hours. Look for an hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name.

Is It Enough to Chat with Your Friend Every Day?

No. Chatting doesn’t impact your streak. You have to send a Snap to your friend, and they have to send one back, for the Snapstreak to continue.

Is It Enough to Send a Snap with Content from Your Memories?

No, these Snaps won’t help you maintain your streak either. To keep your Snapstreak going, you have to create new content.

What About Group Chats?

Group chats also don’t count toward your streak. You have to chat with your friend one-on-one every day.

Can You Use Your Snapchat Spectacles to Maintain Your Streak?

Unfortunately, Snaps sent from your Spectacles won’t keep your Streak going.

Can You Maintain Multiple Streaks at the Same Time?

Yes. You can maintain streaks with more than one friend. If you break your streak with one friend, your other streaks are not affected.

About Breaking Your Streak

What’s the point of streaks?

The main allure is a sense of accomplishment. It can help you develop a routine of reaching out to your friends.

Keeping up a shared project can be good for your friendships. After all, you can’t maintain a Snapstreak by yourself. Your friend has to be just as invested as you are.

While this isn’t primarily an achievement-based system, Snapchat gives small rewards for long streaks. If you like competition, discussing your streaks with other friends can be a lot of fun.

All in all, it’s clear that breaking your streak by accident is annoying at best. It can happen for a number of reasons that aren’t necessarily up to you and your friend. So what can you do to restore your broken streak?

1. Open Snapchat Support

From your phone or your computer, load Snapchat’s Support page.

2. Select “My Snapchat isn’t working”

3. Select Snapstreaks

From a list of possible errors, you should tap on the box next to Snapstreaks.

Now the support page will show a quick run-down of how Snapstreaks work. Then you’re asked whether you need help with anything else.

4. Select YES

This brings you to a form that you have to fill out. This lets Snapchat know why your streak ended.

5. Fill Out Form

Here is the information required:

  • Your Username
  • The Email Address Used to Create Your Snapchat Profile
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Phone’s Brand, Model and Model Series

You can generally find this information under your phone’s Settings.

  • Friend’s Username

You can only restore one streak at a time, so only name one friend.

  • When Did Your Streak End?

It’s a good idea to try to restore your streak as soon as you notice its disappearance

  • Did You See the Hourglass Icon?

As mentioned above, this icon warns you about your time running out.

  • Additional Information

This is the most important part of your form.

If you simply forgot to send a Snap back to your friend, Snapchat won’t have any reason to restore your Snapstreak. Having wifi issues also doesn’t count as a good enough reason. So what are the acceptable reasons for breaking your streak?

Snapchat usually restores Snapstreaks if they were broken because of connectivity issues within the app. Explain that your other apps had access to the internet, but the Snapchat app couldn’t get a connection. This kind of error happens frequently, and it is completely outside of your control.

Giving this explanation is usually enough to get Snapchat to restore your streak.

A Final Word

Unfortunately, you can’t be completely sure whether your Snapstreak will get restored. If it’s not, you and your friend can simply start a new streak.

Some Snapchat users use tricks to maintain their streaks. For example, they set a daily timer to send a Snap to their friends. Your Snap can be very quick and simple, and it’s enough to send and receive one Snap per day.

If you’re maintaining multiple streaks at the same time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget somebody. But you can change the name of your Snapchat contacts to make sure that your streak friends are near the top of your friends list. Since the lists are alphabetical, you can add the string AAAA in front of their names.

But the best way to maintain your streaks is simply to enjoy exchanging Snaps with your friends.

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