February 21, 2024

Does Bumble Notify the Guy When You Match?

Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe, who previously worked as an executive at Tinder. If you have Tinder experience, Bumble might seem familiar.

For example, the matching process is nearly identical. You go through a stack of potential matches and then swipe right if you’re interested or swipe left if you’re not. Bumble even offers some of the same premium features that you can get on Tinder.

The most significant difference is the way that conversations unfold after a match was established.

Messaging on Bumble

On other dating apps, men tend to take the initiative when it comes to starting a conversation. Bumble’s creators wanted to make online dating easier for women, so they decided to break this convention by placing a limit on the messaging process.

Men can’t send the first message on this app. When a match is established for a heterosexual couple, the woman has to make the first move.

If you’re a woman who is interested in men, you have 24 hours to contact your match. If you do, he will also have 24 hours to respond to you. After that, you can continue your correspondence at your own pace.

Does the Guy Know You Had a Match?

When a match is established, you both get push notifications. From the app or from your phone’s lock screen, you’ll be able to view your new match.

However, the notification isn’t exactly the same for men and for women. At this point, only the woman gets the option to message the man.

Sending the first message can feel awkward, especially if you’re not used to it. But the 24-hour time frame makes it easier to act quickly since you don’t have time to think too much about what to say. A simple conversation starter is all you need to get things going.

Is There a Way for the Guy to Show He’s Interested after You Matched?

It’s easier to send a message if you know for sure that your match is excited to meet you.

Can your match show you that he likes you before you send him a message? He can’t send you texts or images. However, he does have two ways to show that your profile intrigued him.

1. Super Swipes

Here’s a premium feature you might recognize if you used have used Tinder before. Super Swipes are similar to Tinder’s Super Likes. This feature lets a potential match know you really like them.

When you’re swiping through your stack, you may come across a photo with a special yellow icon. The icon means that the person in question Super Swiped you. What’s more, he paid for the option to show you that he likes you.

When you know that someone Super Swiped you, you’re likelier to swipe right and establish a match. It is easier to start chatting with him then, as you know for sure your message will be welcome.

2. Extend the Match

The 24-hour response limit doesn’t always give you enough time to compose your first message. Great matches can expire just because you’re having a busy week. Your match might also be too busy to write back in the 24-hour time window.

However, Bumble lets you extend one match every day. This means you can prolong your time window for sending your opening message.

If you’re subscribed to the premium plan, you can access more extensions. Although women and men can both use this feature, it is more useful to guys. Seeing that the guy invested in a match extension lets you know that he’s impressed by you and serves as an invitation for you to message him.

A Few More Facts about Matching and Messaging

Here are some other things you may be wondering about the matching process on Bumble.

Does the Guy Know You Swiped Right on Him?

If your potential match subscribes to the premium service, he has the option to filter his selection down to the people who have swiped right on him.

This serves as a time-saver. Bumble users who live in busy areas prefer to cut straight to the selection of potential matches who have shown interest.

However, Bumble doesn’t send a notification when you swipe right on someone. The guy will only know that you swiped right on him if your profile shows up in his filtered stack.

What If the 24 Hours Expire?

What happens if you don’t have time to message your match within 24 hours or if your match doesn’t have time to respond to you?

An expired match will go back into your stack. That means that you may come across the same person’s profile again, as he’ll go back to being a potential match.

How Do You Write an Amazing Introductory Message?

Making your message as engaging as possible is very important. It is always a good idea to say something unique from the get-go. Avoid greetings and clichéd introductions.

Remember that your match isn’t expecting to get swept off his feet right away. You should keep things casual and friendly. It’s a good idea to reference his bio or his photos, as that makes it easy for him to respond to you.

How Does the Messaging Process Work for Same-Sex Matches?

In the case of woman-man matches, the woman has to send a message first. But there is no such limitation for woman-woman matches or man-man matches.

Either half of a same-sex match can send a message, as long as they do it within 24 hours after the match is established. The other person then has to write back within a day.

This is also true for anyone using the Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz modes that match you with potential friends or professional acquaintances.

A Final Word

If you’re bored by traditional dating dynamics, Bumble is the perfect app for you.

For one, it feels safer to use than other dating apps. Female Bumble users experience less harassment and invasive behavior from potential matches. If someone is being inappropriate, it’s easy to block and report them. The Bumble staff is also dedicated to getting rid of scams and catfishing.

Most importantly, the Bumble app is engaging and empowering. The messaging process encourages confidence and quick decisions and offers every user a fun new experience.

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