June 17, 2024

Does Bumble Limit the Amount you can Like or Match?

As a result of TechJunkie’s coverage of dating apps Tinder and Bumble, our mailbox has been filling up with questions relating to those two apps. The latest one to prompt a tutorial is ‘Does Bumble limit the amount you can like or match someone else?

Does Bumble Limit the Amount you can Like or Match?

I want to move from Tinder and wonder if there is a swipe limit on Bumble like Tinder? ’

Bumble was created by an ex-Tinder employee who wanted to make a better dating environment for women. One of the main ways she wanted to differentiate Bumble from Tinder was by putting more power in the hands of women. Men cannot initiate conversations on Bumble, only women can. This actually works for both sexes. More women use Bumble because of this feature. More men use the app because more women use it and they behave much better because they have to.

Does Bumble Limit the Amount you can Like or Match?

Does Bumble limit likes?

While daring to be different, Bumble is largely the same as Tinder. You create a profile, choose some images and begin swiping. You work through a stack of profile cards filtered to your area and age range and hope for a match.

Where Tinder limits the number of swipes free users can make at any given time, Bumble does not. You would run out of people to swipe rather than swipes to make.

Addressing other part of the question specifically, you can only like or match an individual once each time you see them in your stack. For example, you like someone and swipe right. The person has the opportunity to like you back as you would expect. If they don’t take that opportunity, they disappear from your queue until next time. When they appear next time, you can like them again to see if they change their mind. You can do this in perpetuity as long as they keep appearing in your stack.

Doing this may not endear you to that person unless you’re trying to wear them down. Exhaustion is not usually a good way to get a date but it may work for some I guess.

Does Bumble Limit the Amount you can Like or Match?

Get more likes on Bumble

Bumble is a dating app so therefore there are few hard and fast rules about what to do to get more likes. People are all different and look for different things. However, there are some good guidelines that can help increase your chances of getting more likes. Here are a few of them.

Revamp your images

If you’re not getting the volume of likes on Bumble and think you should be getting more, the first place to look is your images. Make sure they are of a very high quality. Make sure they show your face in a positive way. Make sure they aren’t all group shots or you posing with your ex. Make sure they convey a cool person who someone might like to spend time with.

Other tips include wearing something red as this is supposed to increase likes. Pose with a puppy because everyone loves puppies. Get a second opinion or have someone else take the pictures. Selfies are for Instagram or Snapchat, not dating apps. You see yourself your way, not how others see you. Having a second opinion can point out places where you can seriously improve your chances.

Revisit your Bumble bio

A good picture will get you more attention but it’s your profile that seals the deal. If you’re not getting likes and have improved your images, your bio is the next place to look. You have 300 characters in order to make yourself attractive so you’re going to have to work hard.

That said, don’t stress over it too much otherwise it will come across in what you write. If you’re naturally funny, you’re golden. Just write something humorous and you will get swipes. If you’re not funny, you have to work a lot harder. Unless you wear a uniform to work.

You could keep it simple by listing your age, hobbies and ambitions. You could use emojis as some people have been able to do successfully. Whatever you do, try to make it original and try to make it accurately portray you to a potential date.

Your bio is where a second opinion really helps. You may have been able to sell yourself without selling yourself but does it come across right? The only person to ask is of the same sex you’re trying to attract and preferably someone you trust to be honest.

Bumble does not limit the amount you can like or match someone else or the amount someone can like you. Getting to that point can take a lot of effort though! Got any Bumble dating tips to share?

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