July 20, 2024

Doctors warn about the dangers of home births, but their number is still growing

Before each future mother, sooner or later the question arises: where to give birth? Usually it is a matter of choosing a maternity home. However, today more and more often you can hear negative assessments of hospitals and calls to give birth at home.

But fears about this event are very strong. And as it turned out, they are not unfounded: not so long ago, in a statement of the press service of the Department of Health of the Novosibirsk region, doctors expressed serious concern about the increase in the number of births outside medical walls. What makes women give birth at home, and doctors – to sound the alarm, the correspondent of SE explained.

Childbirth in the clinic became a common phenomenon only in the twentieth century, many supporters of “natural childbirth” refer to this, citing the maxim as an argument: “Our grandmothers also gave birth in the fields”. However, it is worthwhile to think about the statistics of mortality, which was obviously rather big, as there are natural doubts: how expedient it is in the age of progress to return to such “traditions”.

Doctors do not cause such fears, but real anxiety: because of the huge risk of possible complications – for both mother and baby.

Doctors warn about the dangers of home births, but their number is still growing

The number of children born outside the hospital is increasing every year. According to the Chief Obstetrician-Gynecologist of the City Hall Health Department Nelli Aghamyan, in 2006 the total number of children born in Novosibirsk was more than 12 thousand. The number of “domestic” children is only 37. The proportion is insignificant, but the regular annual increase of this figure seriously worries the specialists.

What factors come into force when a woman is taking such a serious step?

The ideological inspirers

“Pregnancy is not a disease, and childbirth is not an operation” is the position of adherents of home births. Indeed, pregnancy is a physiological process, it was invented by mother nature. Yes, that’s just what is the percentage of healthy women today? And the question of “how to give birth to a child? ” Is increasingly becoming a problem today – from complications with conception and difficulties of gestation to complications during childbirth. “Naturalness” today is a very welcome slogan, but, unfortunately, it is often difficult to implement.

Readiness number one

Childbirth is an important event, and you need to prepare for it accordingly. Couples who have decided to give birth at home generally are more consciously approaching the appearance of the child and usually spend a lot of time solving psychosomatic problems that can lead to complicated childbirth. The average couple is not bothered by thoughts about the possible “karmic debts” of the child, but the breathing technique is usually heard and the process of delivery can present.

The importance of the component of psycho-prophylaxis in the matter of labor is noted by the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Medical Faculty of the NSU Natalia Pasman:

“Some women (8-10 percent) do not experience pain. It depends on the threshold of pain sensitivity. And here, of course, the component of psycho-preventive training is very important. ”

Doctors warn about the dangers of home births, but their number is still growing

As I wish, I give birth

“I prefer childbirth, when nobody pulls me during all hours while I give birth, does not ask questions distracting from the generic process, as, for example, how many years I have started menstruating, and when – sex life “, Says Natalia, who gave birth to two children. You can give birth at home in the pool, on the couch, squatting in a corner or on all fours in the middle of the living room. It helps to relax. There is even such a concept of “tribal trance” – a woman should “turn off her head” and completely surrender to the process.

The generic ward of a standard hospital is usually represented as a mass of unfortunate women who are born and who are suffering and who are suffering from the burden. It is problematic to relax here. But today in all maternity homes there are “service births” that allow you to choose an option for your soul: for example, partner births with your husband, with a separate ward before, after and, importantly, during childbirth. This service is usually cost from 9 to 15 thousand blood, depending on the “luxury” of the ward. You can give birth though lying down, though standing: vertical childbirth today is no longer something beyond the reach of, but quite affordable.

Without drugs and stimulation

Women are often concerned that drugs that are injected into the mother who is in labor can harm the child. For example, widespread fears of stimulation, if the birth “does not fit into the plan. ” “When I will be given the opportunity to give birth in the hospital the way I want, and the midwife will be with me for as many hours as I need, then I will go to the hospital,” Natalia continues.

Meanwhile, protracted births, according to doctors, are dangerous:

“Stimulation is always made according to strict indications: if the cervix does not open and the labor is delayed, it can cause asphyxia of the fetus, and also lead to infection. When a woman lost water and a waterless period lasts more than 12 hours, it is possible to develop severe infections of the mother and fetus, “explains the doctor of the highest category, MD, head physician of Maternity Hospital No. 7 Sergey Kustov.

He also says that any medication, such as anesthesia (epidural anesthesia), is performed with the consent of the woman and her husband, if it is present during childbirth. According to Natalia Pasman, today there is a tendency to move away from “obstetric aggression” in prescribing drugs, and medicines are prescribed only on strict indications. It is possible that once you choose a doctor, whom you will trust, so that during labor, do not try to convulsively think: “Maybe, do not? ”.

Doctors warn about the dangers of home births, but their number is still growing

With fear alone

There is an opinion that if pregnancy passes easily, the probability of complications in childbirth is reduced to zero. A woman who gives birth at home is usually confident in her health (hardly anyone will agree to take risks). However, experts warn that even an ideal pregnancy can end with childbirth with complications: some of them are difficult to predict and develop rapidly. According to Sergei Kustov, the most dangerous bleeding and violations of placental abruption, which carry the risk of mortality. In addition, he points to statistics: today every fifth woman needs an operation – caesarean section. The need for it is revealed during childbirth, it is done according to strict indications, and procrastination threatens with the loss of the fetus.

“I am a doctor of the highest qualification, I accept delivery for more than 25 years, but I will never allow myself to take birth at home,” says Sergey Mikhailovich. And his position is shared by many other doctors.

“Spiritual midwives” also have a medical education, although not always, and their position on this issue is evasive. According to the reviews, if the birth is unforeseen, they are taking the patients with complications to the hospital. That is why they are not known to the doctors of official medicine. In general, the responsibility for the outcome of home births lies entirely with the parents: home births are not recognized by the state, so no contracts are concluded with the “home midwife”.

Having talked with those who decided to take this step, you will never have doubts or occasions for evil jokes: these are really strong women, consciously approaching the matter of motherhood. They are simply not afraid of anything. There are always a minority.

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