April 20, 2024

Doctors share ways to improve your stamina in the bedroom 9, Photos

Drinking too much coffee can create potential health risks but according to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, it can be great for your sex life.

“Caffeine is a wonderful, safe legal stimulant. It’s been proven to increase blood flow to all organs of our bodies – including our sexual organs. As this relates to the penis, caffeine causes the arteries to relax and allow the blood to flow into the penis more efficiently. ”

If you need to up your performance in the bedroom, a few minutes of cardio can help get you there.

“The better physical shape you’re in, the better you’ll be able to sexually perform,” said Dr. Hokemeyer. “Gaining these benefits doesn’t require Olympian efforts. Moderate exercise – 20 minutes three times a week – is all you need to win the gold in the bedroom. ”

Want to try some different moves in bed? Practicing yoga can help get you loose.

“For men who struggle with premature ejaculation, yoga is a wonderful way to extend your holding power,” said Dr. Hokemeyer. “It also makes you are more sensual mate who views sexual encounters as a journey rather than a destination. ”

Meditation can help relax your mind along with your body.

“We forget that our biggest sex organ is our brain,” Dr. Hokemeyer told INSIDER. “When your mind is scattered, your sexual performance will be unfocused and sub-optimal. By cultivating a meditation practice, even if it’s for five to 10 minutes every other day, you’ll learn to become more focused on your sexual engagements. ”

A lot of people say they don’t masturbate but we all know the truth.

“In the stress of life we forget we can take five minutes from our day to release our bodies’ endogenous opioids that calm us down. We’ve been taught, however, that masturbation is something shameful. It isn’t. By regularly masturbating, you release the sexual tension that keeps you from performing at your sexual best with a partner. ”

All of the above items can individually help your stamina but having good overall health plays a key part as well.

“The penis is the canary in the coal mine for cardiovascular health. What goes wrong in the heart goes wrong in the penis first. Make sure your cholesterol is good, there is no diabetes, no pot belly and that blood pressure is under good control,” Dr. Paul Turek told INSIDER.

This might sound obvious but stress plays a huge role in your performance in the sheets.

“Stress kills erections and sex drive, both of which are needed for good sex,” said Dr. Turek. “Stress is the wrong nervous system for sex, and is much better for running away from woolly mammoths. Disconnect from daily life to have great sex. You might want to try acupuncture, it works well to help de-stress your life. ”

Adults need anywhere from 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night. If you’re not getting enough rest your bedroom bang bang could be taking a hit.

“A well-rested body is the best responding sexual body,” Dr. Turek told INSIDER. “Lack of sleep is not lethal but it is stressful. ”

Most of all, your safety is the most important when it comes to your sex life.

“If you feel there is something wrong, go to a qualified urologist and get a full check-up,” Dr. Turek said. “I had a patient who complained that sex was becoming painful for him. We discovered that he had a small cyst obstructing his ejaculatory duct. After the surgery, he was a changed man. ”

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